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Short Hairstyles For Fall 2006

Short Hairstyles

It is not just clothing styles that change with the seasons hairstyles do as well. Just because you have a short haircut does not mean that you can't update your look for the coming autumn season.

The weather may be cooling down, but Fall 2006 is bringing about some hot new short haircuts!

The warmth of summer is fading away, and winter is gearing up to settle in. With the sun setting behind you, its time to think of new ways to warm up.

A great place to start is with your Fall 2006 short haircut. If you're content to not change your hairstyle, you can still update your look.

For short hairstyles for fall 2006, why not try some darker highlights. Dark highlights will give your hair depth and dimension.

It is a slight adjustment, with maximum effects, without having to cut a strand of your hair. As mentioned, you do not always need to take to the scissors to get a whole new look.

Its not just clothing that benefits from accessories! You can dress up your already short haircut for a smashing Fall 2006 look as well.

Hair decorations are abundant and can jazz up any Fall occasion. Play around with combs, barrettes and headbands, they are easy to wear and create a simple yet stunning effect.

Styling Kiera Knightlies Short Layered Hairstyle

Maintaining this fantastic short haircut is a breeze and you can do it in three easy steps

  1. Towel dry your hair
  2. Apply a dab of gel or mouse through hair with your fingers
  3. Using fingers or a comb, arrange hair in the direction you want it to go.

Even though the crisp winter days are soon to be upon us, you'll never look hotter than when you're sporting an extraordinary Fall 2006 hairstyle.

Featuring Kiera Knightley

Keira Knightly Short Layered Hairstyle
Short Layered Hairstyles You Will Look Great Wearing

Short Layers

Another hot look for the Fall 2006 season is short layers. The overall length of your already short haircut does not have to be dramatically adjusted to obtain a whole new look.

A few layers through the crown or framing your face leaves you ready to face the cold days ahead. Bangs are back this Fall, and if you don't already have them, they only take a short time to grow.

Blunt, short, choppy, no matter what your preference, the bang of your choice is bound to be hip. You can gel them, shaping them into a look almost their own.

As with any and all trends, you can always look to Hollywood to find what is currently the rage.

Kiera Knightley, the female star of one of the summer's hottest movies Pirate's of the Caribbean, can be seen wearing one of the chicest looks for Fall 2006.

Her shortly cropped updated pixie haircut is perfect for the lazy days of autumn.

If you too want this fuss free look for Fall 2006 a quick visit to the salon is all that it takes. Your stylist will need to cut your hair in a layered contoured shape, with fringing along the sides and neck.

The crown is cut short while the bangs are left long. Razor cutting or thinning shears need to be used on the ends of the hair.

keira knightley short layered hairstyle



A Collection Of Kiera Knightly Short Layered Hairstyles

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