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Short Haircuts Hairstyles And New Mothers

Short Styles For Moms

short hairstyles for moms
short layered hairstyle for new mothers

There are few moments in life more exciting than the birth of a new baby. Along with all of the joy however, comes a lot of time consuming hard work. A new mother’s schedule is hectic, to say the least! One of the easiest ways for a new mother to simplify at least part of her life is with a short haircut.

Daily, there are so many things that you can not put off, details that you just have to attend to; especially when there is a new baby in the house. One of the last things a new mother has time for, is her hair. A fantastic option for a busy new mother, is a simple, easy to care for short haircut.

Whether your a mom who is going to be staying at home with your infant, or one is who returning to work, a short haircut is fuss free and easy to maintain. It will save you much needed time and energy to devote to all of your other tasks.

The right short haircut allows you to be both functional and practical. With only a few minutes in front of the mirror your look can take you from diapers to meetings from doctors visits to the boardroom.

cynthia nixon short hairstyleOne of the hardest parts about becoming a new mother is not having enough time to devote to you.Although busier than ever, you still want to feel feminine and look nice. Having a short haircut will allow you to look fabulous without putting in a lot of time and effort.

Even some celebrity moms opt for stylish short haircuts. You may not have the money of a Hollywood star for nannies or personal trainers to make your life simpler, but you can easily copy their short hairstyle!

Cynthia Nixon was Miranda, one of the lovely ladies from the very popular television show Sex And The City. A career woman as well as a mother, her look was depicted as both casual and professional.

Here is how to achieve the same look at home:







style steps hairstyles for older women

arrowTowel dry hair
arrowBlow dry, brushing hair forward first towards one side of your head and then the other. Repeat until your hair is dry
arrowUsing fingers apply a small dab of styling cream through your hair
arrowStarting at the back of your head, on the bottom, use a straightening iron. Starting at the roots and working down to the ends.
arrowKeep the iron close to your head to avoid creating kinks or bubble shapes to your hair
arrowWork your way to the sides and front of your hair, starting at the hairline and working downward.

This is just a base for you to work with; you’re free of course to play around depending on what suits your needs that day. You could leave it as is if your staying home with baby, or apply an extra touch of styling cream, and create a side part if your spending the day at the office.

There will always be plenty of time for complicated hairstyles in the future. For the moment though, a low maintenance short haircut provides exactly what a new mother needs.
Short Haircuts Hairstyles And New Mothers



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