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Short Haircuts A Girls Best Friend

There is an old saying that goes "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend." I am sure you would agree with me, that statement is simply not true. Diamonds are pretty, and the sparkle is nice, however I think it is your right to want a little more from your best friend.

In the times of today, it does not matter if your lifestyle is professional, or casual, like every other woman around you, you’re busy.

With the daily responsibilities that you face, not to mention the many demands on your time, who has the need to spend hours doing their hair?

Far more than diamonds, a short haircut is today's woman's best friend.

Short Haircuts A Girls Best Friend

Although busy and with plenty on the go, you still want to look you’re best. If you are a career woman especially, it is almost always demanded of you to look professional when at work.

Even if your lifestyle is more laid-back and casual, you often want or need to look put together. There is no better way to accomplish that than with an easy-to-care for short haircut.

Short haircuts are often fuss and bother free, leaving you much needed extra time for other tasks! Best of all, there are so many short haircuts for you to choose from these days.

You are not stuck with bland and boring hair just because you opt for a shorter cut. It does not matter if the look your seeking is trendy, hip, professional or easy to wear, there is a short haircut out there that will suit your needs.

Closely cropped and shorter haircuts are not just timesaving; they can also be glamorous and flattering as well. Halle Berry for example, one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses around, is almost always pictured in a short haircut.

In fact, if you have or plan to get a short haircut, it is easy for you to copy Halle's look yourself at home. To start with though, make sure your cut is either layered, and or razor cut on the ends. To achieve these results, simply

How To Style Halle Berrys Short Cropped Haircut

After washing, towel dry your hair
arrowWork a dab of gel through your hair If needed, a touch of straightening balm as well
arrowDivide your hair into small sections, using clips if you want
arrowBlow-dry, working from the bottom up using a two-inch round brush, the top and front done last
arrowWork cream pomade through small sections to direct the hair where you want it to go
arrowHairspray if wanted for extra hold
arrowUse a spray hair shine with low oil content if needed.

Another wonderful thing about short haircuts is how versatile they are. You can simply wet your hair in the morning and run your fingers through it for an easy daytime look.

When the evening rolls around, the same short haircut can be easily changed. All it takes is some lightly applied gel, perhaps a minute under the blow-dryer, and you’ready for a night on the town.


Short Hairstyles And Haircuts For Girls Halle Berry Style

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halle berry short crop hairstyle

When all is said and done,
the ease and practicality of a short haircut,
really does make it a girls best friend!

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