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Once the style reserved for tomboys and those talented athletic types Now by 2006, short hair styles are worn by celebrities, (Meg Ryan is a favorite to follow),to the girly girl who for years clung to her long curls and waves.

short hairstylesShort hair styles are worn asymmetrical, layered, textured, flipped in, flipped out, curly, straight,with bangs, with bangs swept back or over the face and a huge look in 2007 the bob or inverted bob hair style.

Take any of the above and you can create looks that are glamorous, sexy, cute, chic, or extreme.

Short hair when cut properly is a breeze to look after and to style. Short hair when cut properly is a breeze to look after and to style. If your hair is growing back post operation or illness this gallery and the very short hair styles and hair cuts gallery will help you choose a style that you may love so much you just might choose to keep it!

For all short hair styles you have the option to go long at a moments notice with hair pieces and extensions.

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Perm your short hair…

A great perm can add height, volume and curl. Perms are applied to hair to transform a graduated cut into shape. When a short hair style is graduated highly, it rounds into a halo.

Did you know that interior textures come from a perm?  If you have a short crop you may want to try a root or pin curl to add a little texture. If you have a short bob you may choose a perm that will had volume or a root lift.

If you have sleek and smooth hair then you would look wonderful in a bob length cut hairstyle, you can also add a sharp angle to it on the sides so that hair frames the face beautifully. Angled sides can be moved from long to short or short to long, whichever way you prefer for your look.

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