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Lisa Rinna is a short hair goddess.  This star is a classic example of a strand savvy woman knowing what style looks great on her and sticking with it to her best advantage.

Lisa Rinna short cropped style

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Rather than being a slave to fickle hair trends and constantly changing her tresses from long to short, dark to light, this beautiful actress proves that she understands that true beauty comes from self-knowledge, confidence and class.

Lisa has become famous for her short shag style, which she has been wearing for the past six years. This former Soap Opera Diva and hostess of the Emmy recently burst into the limelight with her performances on ABC Dancing with the Stars and her new Access Hollywood Oscars Fashion reporting duties. 

Even though Lisa did not win the dance contest, her lush tousled short shag captured the attention of the fans as she flaunted her moves for the cameras, and yes, her appearance on the show gathered her much attention.  She recently reported, "The beauty of this show is it has put us (the contestants) all back on the map,"

Proving that short hair can looks spectacularly chic when paired with sequined costumes and evening gowns, Lisa captured a whole new fan base with her flirty flicked end, tousled side-swept fringe and feathered crown. 

When Lisa, who has luscious chocolate brown tresses, appears on various Red Carpets, all eyes immediately turn to her crowning glory of tousled strands.  Her locks are always so spectacularly styled that you cannot help focus in on them.

Lisa was so popular with dancing fans that rumors have popped up that she'll be moving behind the cameras for next seasons contest.  According to media buzz, Lisa will replace Samantha Harris as the female commentator on the ratings giant.

Besides snagging a possible commentator gig, Lisa caught the ballroom bug.  She has announced that she is "opening a dance studio in Los Angeles with her pro partner Louis van Amsteel"

Lisa is no slouch when it comes to opening a business.  She already is the successful owner of two Hollywood fashion boutiques. Her first students, according to Lisa will be her actor husband Harry Hamlin and their two darling daughters, Delilah and Amelia.

Shag styles like Lisa's are flattering. They have cycled through as popular hairstyles since actress Jane Fonda wore shag in her memorable Klute role. Like the little black dress or a good pearl necklace, a shag hairstyle is a classic look that offers so many different advantages.

Depending on how you cut the style, it can look great on many different face shapes. Worn with volume at the crown, the style can flatter a round face since it adds instant height.

When created with long cheek hugging strands, a shag hair style can lessen square face shapes or create instant cheekbones.  Modifying the style to include bangs, long layers, or short layers or worn longer around the jaw line to soften prominent chins.

Change the style up with different styling products.  A volume enhancing spray or gel combined with back combing or finger tousling can dress up the look for eveningwear. 

For casual or daytime wear, slick back the style into a wet look.  When applied suitably, baby barrettes, thin headbands, and jeweled Bobbie pins can instantly dress up short shags.

Tiny accent flowers also look spectacular when carefully positioned over one ear. Wonderful when you will be vacationing on a beach or in a tropical destination. It can also catch everyone’s eyes because of it being so sex,. not to count how much better it can make you feel.

Calling All Angels
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