Short Hair Styles Gallery 1

Topping the lists for manageability, versatility, and styling freedom, is rightly so, the short hair style, The many transformations and variations of the short styles enable any woman to find a short hair style that reflects her own personal style.

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Although it is true a short hair style on an older woman can make her appear younger and the main reason for her choosing it is to avoid the longer styles that can make our wrinkles and flaws more noticeable.

Ordinarily that would be my conclusion, too, but I am convinced variations of both short hair styles and long hair styles can both be worn by all women of all ages, simply by choosing the right styles to compliment their particular bone structure and facial shape.

Try looking at choosing you short hair style, not by your age, but rather by your overall appearance and what your personal style is. A woman in her sixties with good bone structure could wear a spiky style, looking fantastic, while a woman in her early twenties, with the same trendy style may not be able to wear it with the same results. Any age can turn heads with the right hair style.

Very Short Styles Gallery 2

Short Styles Gallery 2

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