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Short Easy Bobs For Spring, Light And Layered

short shag bob hairstylesWhen Spring is in the air you want your hairstyle to be as warm and easy as the weather. A short easy Bob is the perfect cut for Spring.

The Bob is a cut that has never gone out of style, and this Spring, the look of the Bob will be hotter than ever.

Many women find Spring to be one of their busiest times of the year.

Finally after being cooped up throughout the long winter months, you are free to be outdoors enjoying all that Spring has to offer.

There are gardens to plant, and paths to walk parties to attend and flower to smell. What women do not have time for are complicated hairstyles.

A short, easy Bob will leave you looking amazing for all your Spring activities without you having to waste precious outdoor moments stuck styling your hair inside.

The Bob is an ideal choice for a Spring haircut because they are easy to maintain, and work with virtually any hair type and face shape. All women look beautiful in a short Bob.

Your Bob is a reflection of your personality and can be customized to fit your individual needs. The beauty of the Bob is that it is all about being you.

Your short Bob hairstyle for Spring can include layers, fringe, texture, volume, or anything else that you desire. So many celebrities have found themselves sporting short Bobs for Spring. This cut takes them from award shows to movie premiers with complete ease.

short bob hairstyle-madonnaEven mega-star Madonna has been seen recently wearing her locks in a platinum short Bob that will make the singing sensations Spring days easier. Her Bob hairstyle is very similar to the Pob hairstyle of British singer Victoria Beckham.

Almost every woman can wear Madonna’s shortly cropped Bob hairstyle with a few adjustments to suit their own face shape and hair type.

Although any short Bob haircut is an excellent choice for Spring, if you would prefer to wear your locks in a style close to Madonna or Victoria’s, a simple visit to your stylist is all that it takes.

Victoria’s Pob is a graduated bob at the back of her head and has sweeping textured length in the front. Madonna’s look is close to this with some modifications. Madonna’s short Bob contains long layers and brow brushing bangs that can be casually brushed to the side.



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Short Easy Bobs For Spring Styling Steps

Styling Steps Shampoo with a product designed for your hair type
Styling Steps Apply an anti frizz product through your hair if needed.

Styling Steps With your fingers run a dab of mousse through damp locks

Styling Steps Using a round brush blow dry your hair straight, lifting at the roots for added volume

Styling Steps Finger comb your locks into the desired position

Styling Steps For additional shine and to enhance your edges, use a pomade shine product

Styling Steps Mist lightly with hairspray for hold

Styling these gorgeous short Bobs will take only minutes a day, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy Spring.

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Short Easy Bobs For Spring

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