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Short Curly Hairstyles For Spring

Christina Aguileras short curly hairstyleSpring is a time for new growth and change. It is a breath of warm fresh air after the long, cold winter months. Spring is the ideal time to renovate your tired old look. This Spring, why not opt for a short hairstyle for your curly locks.

A short haircut will offer your curly hair numerous styling options. Short curly haircuts are never boring, as your style will constantly change even with slight amounts of growth.

You are not limited with styling options when it comes to a short curly hairstyle. Make use of styling products such as gel, spray shine, pomade and hair wax to vamp up your look. You can also opt to blow-dry your tresses down to a wave if you are in the mood for a different look on occasion.

Short curly hairstyles are also ideal for busy women. Just damped your locks, run some gel through your hair, and allow to dry naturally as you go about your day.

For the evenings, scrunch your curls as you blow-dry for a wild, tousled, sexy style.

Make sure to use a diffuser so your curls retain their luster and volume.

Always use products that are made especially for curly hair. Your shampoo and conditioner should enhance, and protect your curls, not weigh them down.

Women of any age can wear a short, curly hairstyle and look spectacular. Let your short new style take you into Spring with flair and sophisticated elegance.

Styles for natural curly hair should always flatter your hair's individual curl pattern. Short haircuts that feature layers are one of the best choices is a short curly haircut for Spring. Layers will make your hairstyle easier to maintain and provide your curls with structure.


Too much weight in your hairstyle will weigh your curl’s down and make your haircut far less flattering.

Singing star Christina Aguilera wears her platinum locks snipped into a chic short hairstyle that shows off her glorious curls in a cut that is perfect for Spring.

Although this haircut would work well on most hair types, it maximizes the beauty of curls the most.

Wearing your short curly locks in the same style, as Christina’s is no more complicated than a visit to your salon.

Request that your stylist crop your tresses into a short full contoured style cut that contains long bangs and layers around the face. These will both accent and soften your facial features while bringing definition to your curls.

Although this cut is pretty much wash and go, for a special event, you may wish to jazz up your look.


Short Curly Hairstyles For Spring Styling Steps

Wash your hair with products designed for curly locks. Use a wide toothcomb to distribute a puff of mousse throughout your hair.

Section your hair and blow dry to smooth your curls slightly. When your hair is dry, work a small amount of pomade through your locks with your fingers.

Section your hair and use a large or medium barreled curling iron to form and recreate your curls around your head as desired.

Arrange your curls as desired with your fingers. Back comb at the roots if you require additional volume. Smooth a dab of shine serum over your locks to make your curls shimmer. Mist with hairspray for hold.


Short Curly Hairstyles For Spring
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