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Short Angled Bob For Teen Girls Hairstyles Makeover

after teens short angled bob makeover

This young teen knows that she is ready for a new look for her short locks. At first she thought her short locks would limit her options for revamping her look. Soon however, she discovered that a short angled Bob was exactly the style change she needed. Being a teen is a busy time. This young model goes to school all day, has a part-time job in the evening, is on the cheerleading squad and has her first steady boyfriend.

before teens short angled bob makeover

Not to mention, she needs to squeeze in homework in her spare time! This busy schedule does not leave her with much time to play with her locks. A short, angled Bob hairstyle is the ideal choice for her busy lifestyle. Bob's are the perfect hairstyle; they can be modified and altered to suit individual face shapes and hair types.

This sleek, glossy, angled Bob can be played up for date night as well. Simple barrettes and other hair jewelry can be implemented into her hairstyle for special evenings with ease. A pretty headband will keep her locks out of her eyes when she is exercising or practicing with the cheerleading squad. A short angled Bob is ideal for the young girl on the go. A moment with a comb in front of the mirror and you will be ready to run out the door and be at your next stop, without a hair out of place.

This hairstyle is adaptable for all face shapes, but is an ideal look for round faces as it will make them appear thinner. Those with fine, straight locks will look sleek and chic with this flirty cut; however, you can modify your angled Bob to suit your own hair type and texture. This sixteen-year-old model loves to have fun with her angled Bob hairstyle. She loves being able to use product to create different looks. When she visits her stylist, she asks her to use a razor on the ends of her locks. This texturizes the hair, leaving the back with softness.

This is an ideal way to flip your ends out lightly for those carefree evenings at the soda shop. This short, angled Bob hairstyle is so easy to maintain. A simple visit to your salon for a slight trim every six to eight weeks is all it takes to keep your hair looking great. If desired, this short, Bob hairstyle is virtually wash and wear. However, with a few simple styling steps you will be ready for anything.

styling steps
Style Steps Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition
Style Steps Work a dab of straightening balm through towel dried hair if needed
Style Steps Comb a small dab of styling gel through damp locks
Style Steps Use a round brush while blow drying, lifting lightly at the roots for volume
Style Steps Spritz with spray shine for a glossy glow
Style Steps Mist with hairspray for hold

This is just a base idea to get you started. Have fun, experiment and make use of styling products and tools to mold your short angled Bob into the hairstyle of your dreams!

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