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An Online Store for the Effortless Minimalist | The UNDONE | Shop New Arrivals
An Online Store for the Effortless Minimalist | The UNDONE | Shop New Arrivals

Have you ever had such an awful day where it seems nothing can lift you out of the dumps? 

Then you somehow find yourself surfing the net, or shuffling through a mall, and just having you eye caught by some sparkly little something can perk you right up.

Ever heard of retail therapy? Sometimes shopping can do more for your spirits than fistfuls of Prozac with a vitamin C chaser.

Whether your vice is shoes, purses, denim, or cosmetics, taking the time to spoil yourself feels pretty darn good, and in a society where most women don¹t have much opportunity to pamper themselves, those little luxuries can make your day, helping you feel like the star/superwoman/local celebrity you are and should be!

Feeling beautiful and happy with yourself can affect how you face life, too. 

Maybe you¹ve got an extravagant pair of too-high-to-be-comfortable heels that are impossible to walk in, but make you feel so sexy.

Maybe it¹s something simpler, like a white cotton t-shirt that just happens to fit your perfectly. Whatever it might be, it is important to identify those little pieces of something special that make you feel special. 

And then there is the added dimension of label-lust, a need for those strategically placed logos that let everyone know that not only are you hip enough to know what quality looks like, but successful enough to afford it, too (no one needs to know how you found that Coach bag for half price at an overstock store).

Designer brands must have been what they were referring to when the phrase, "You get what you pay for" was coined. 

Those more-than-you¹ve-ever-paid-for-sunglasses Christian Dior¹s will far outlive your ten dollar knockoffs. 

Those designers get to be household names for a reason, and it is the quality behind those brands that makes the sometimes hefty price tag a bit more sensible. 

I mean, if Juicy Couture is good enough for Paris Hilton, it¹s good enough for you, right?

Ladies Online Shopping

And if you love the quality, but love the bargain hunt even more, there is no greater resource than our Boutiques.

Shop Designer Brands

Our merchants offer genuine designer merchandise at a fraction of the price, and you can become a bit of a deal detective, without having to do all that pesky legwork. 

The added plus is that once you do find that amazing Kate Spade purse for fifty dollars less than you saw it at the department store; you get the Christmas morning anticipation of waiting for your new present to arrive at your front door. 

Some stores even wrap your purchases up in colorful tissue paper, and pack them with coordinating confetti and shred!

Who doesn¹t like ripping into that brown packing box only to discover a wonderful little treasure?

The fashion magazines that you impulsively toss on top of your checkout pile at the grocery store usually have pages of new toys to wish for, and they will many times show you where to buy and less expensive alternatives. 

Behind the cover of InStyle, and Vogue, you can see what is hot for the current and upcoming season, and also the outfits and accessories that are timeless, and never go "out."

You can put together a mental shopping list of what might just be your new favorite little shopping indulgence. 

Where else are you going to find the hottest new shade of twenty-dollar lipstick that will soon be your signature? - Easter Gifts

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