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Sea Salt Spray For Loose Sexy Hairstyles

Salt Spray For Hair Styling

sea-salt-hairstyle-Do you desire waves that make your locks look like you just came back from a day on the beach? You do not have to live anywhere near the beach to have sexy, surfer hair!

The secret to loose, sat in the sun, surfed the waves hair is sea salt spray. The beauty of creating waves from Sea Salt Spray is that you no longer have to spend hours in a beautician’s chair drying out your tresses with perms.

Sea Salt waves are simple to achieve and wash out easily. If you’re wanting sexy, soft, gentle waves that are free of frizz try using Sea Salt Spray. Sea Salt Spray is perfect for all hair types, textures and lengths. No matter how long or short your locks may be, you can have glorious waves with a few spritzes of Sea Salt Spray. For very little money, you can create your own homemade brand of Sea Salt Spray in a matter of minutes

Sea Salt Spray For Loose Sexy Hairstyles

Simply purchase an empty spray bottle and a package of Sea Salt from the grocery store and you are ready to go.
Mix a couple of teaspoons of the Sea Salt in with two cups of water.
Pour the blend into your spray bottle and shake well.
Once the Sea Salt has dissolved, you are ready to create gorgeous beach waves.

Your Sea Salt mix will have a strong hold and can be used to create a wavy hairstyle by spraying on wet hair and scrunch your locks around your fingers.

Scrunching your hair will set the wave. Allow your locks to air dry to ensure that your waves do not become frizzy. When your tresses are fully dry, spritz lightly with hairspray to make certain your luscious Sea Salt waves last.

This season, the hairstyle trend on the red carpet has been loose, sexy waves like those achieved with Sea Salt Spray. Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to the Olson twins are sporting this flirty look. Even trendy young singer Nellie Furtado loves to wear gentle, cascading waves.

Celebrities know how vital it is to have great looking hair. You can have the perfect dress and accessories but if your hairstyle is not look fabulous, your entire look will suffer.

Hair that is healthy goes a long way towards making you look beautiful. If you are creating your own Sea Salt Spray at home, never use more than a couple of teaspoons of salt in your bottle. By using more you run the risk of leaving your locks dry.

Another way to create glorious Sea Salt waves is with braids. Keep in mind that it is often easier to work on hair that has not been freshly washed, as your natural hair oils will help to hold a hairstyle better.

Sea Salt For Hair ~ DIY Styling Steps

Begin with dry hair that has not been freshly washed.

Use a wide toothcomb to detangle any knots in your hair.

Spritz your locks liberally with Sea Salt Spray.

Braid your hair in a number of loose braids and secure. The smaller the braids and the more braids you create, the greater the amount of wave you will be left with.

When your locks are fully dry, remove the braids. Spritz lightly with a little more Sea Salt Spray.

Use your fingers to arrange your hair to your satisfaction. You can opt to create your braids just before bed if you desire.

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Sea Salt Spray For Loose Sexy Hairstyles

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