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Sarah Jessica Parkers Hairstyle

celebrity-hairstyles-sarah-jessica-parkerEvery week, millions of people tuned in to see what Sex in the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker would look like. Sarah is not just a talented actress; she is a fashion trendsetter as well.







Although there was a point in time that Sarah Jessica cut her locks into a medium length Bob, she typically wears her hair long. Her long blonde locks are ideal for showing off her tousled, carefree curls.

Sarah’s long, curly hairstyle works best for those who have a soft, loose natural curl or wave.

However, if you are willing to put in the time curling your locks, women with straight hair can wear this style as well.

Sarah starts her hairstyle with a center part and a long layered crown. Extremely long bangs frame her face and layers throughout her hair promote volume and movement. The style of this haircut is ideal for women who have long narrow face shapes and sharp features like Sarah.

Sarah Jessica Parkers Hairstyle Styling Steps

Use your fingers to apply a straightening balm throughout damp, towel dried hair.

Blow your locks dry to relax curl and create a wavy look

lf you desire ringlets, after blow drying your tresses curl one-inch sections with a small barreled iron.

When your locks are fully dry, rub a dab of pomade in your palms and smooth your hands gently over your hair. This will eliminate frizz and provide your style with shine.

celebrity-bob-hairstyle-sarah-jessica-parker.If you would rather wear your hair in Sarah’s short, Bob hairstyle, it is as easy as a visit to your hair salon.

Sarah’s haircut is a blunt Bob that has been cut around shoulder length. The bangs with a side part are left long to promote her natural curl.

Sarah Jessica Parkers Hairstyle Styling Steps

With your fingers, disperse a small amount of styling balm through damp hair

Blow-dry your locks to straighten and relax any natural wave or curl.

Mist lightly with a styling spray

Working in small sections apply a flat styling iron to your locks.


lf waves are desired, use a medium barreled iron to curl small sections around your entire head.

Apply a small amount of pomade to your palms and smooth your hands gently over your tresses for frizz control and shine.

Have Fun Trying Sarah Jessica Parkers Hairstyle!

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