Safe Tanning During Pregnancy

Safe tanning during pregnancy protects your baby and you, so you can sill embrace the sun.

Here comes the sun, and with it the barely there fashions that summer welcomes.

But maybe this year your summer gear is a bit different - like maternity clothes?

This article will show you how to tan safe during pregnancy with sun exposure tanning and tanning beds, pregnant women can enjoy a tan.

You've cut back on caffeine, gone organic and been doing your prenatal yoga, but are still curious. Does having a baby on board mean that you can no longer be the sun worshipper you've always been?

Whether you're with child or not, sunbathing definitely puts everyone at risk for premature signs of aging and possible skin cancer.

Keeping Things Cool

While there are no studies that state conclusively that tanning beds can harm the baby, most doctors will tell mothers-to-be that any activity that raises the body temperature or overheats.

This also includes saunas, hot tubs, and tanning beds – (body temperature in pregnant women is not recommended to exceed 102 degrees) have been connected to spinal malformations in newborns.

There are additional studies that link UV rays to deficiencies in folic acid, which prevents neural tube defects and is especially important during the first three months of pregnancy.

Pregnant mama skin is also more likely to burn and cause dark splotches on the face, sometimes known as a pregnancy mask.

Beach or natural tanning also causes some concern. As skin is much more sensitive to heat during pregnancy, the sun can cause such unpleasant side effects as hives and heat rash, so you may want to consider taking cover.

While there have been no controlled studies on the direct results of sunbathing on pregnant women in relation to their unborn babies, excessive sun exposure should definitely be avoided.

There has long been an ongoing observation about what may be a connection between neural tube defects and ultraviolet radiation.

safe tanning during pregnancy

As there is certainly noticeable damage done to the skin of a mother-to-be, one can only assume that prolonged sunning time can certainly not be doing the baby any good.

Artificial light sources like tanning beds and lights as well as sunshine do contain those ultraviolet rays that are a form of electromagnetic radiation.

There has been no documented certification that developmental toxicity in unborn babies is related to this electromagnetic energy, and this specific type of ultraviolet radiation cannot penetrate the uterus.

However, whether pregnant or not, overheating is not recommended in summer.

Tanning While Expectant

For safe tanning during pregnancy and to keep yourself safe when spending those hot summer days out of doors, take cover and retire to shady areas whenever possible.

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day (more even, you are drinking for two now!).

Use a sunscreen of block with at least an SPF of 30 and reapply frequently – one application a day is not going to cut it.

Invest in a cute sun hat, and big fashionable sunglasses. If all else fails and you feel the heat starting to get to you causing dizziness or nausea, find somewhere air-conditioned and relax for a while.

Be kind to your body during this exciting time – it is in the middle of an amazing process!

tanning while expectant

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Safe Tanning During Pregnancy

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Safe Tanning During Pregnancy