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Runway And Extreme Long Hair Styles Gallery 1

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Extreme Hair
Runway and Extreme long hairstyles are certainly not for everyone. Only the very bold, brazen and brave may want to duplicate them exactly. However, they are perfectly suited to show off the haute couture clothing on the fashion runways each season. The intense hairstyles for runway extreme hairstyles are full of attitude.

extreme updo hairstyleAlthough not normally for everyday wear, these funky extreme hairstyles are fun to look at! Just like the clothing a model wears while she struts down the runway, extreme hairstyles are almost like a work of art themselves.

You may not want to recreate these runway extreme hairstyles exactly, as you may find the look just a touch too edgy. However, downplayed a tad, they might be perfect for a funky night out!

One unabashed hairstyle models have been strutting their stuff in, is an update version of the classic Quiff.


extreme quiff hairstyleHow To Style A High Quiff
If your feeling daring why not try this extreme runway style, a high quiff.

arrow Using a paddle brush, blow-dry your hair straight or into very loose long waves

arrow Take out the front section of your hair across your forehead from temple to temple, about 6cm deep

arrow Clip this section out of the way for now

arrow Draw the sides of your hair back off your face smoothly and either pin or ponytail using a covered band at the crown

arrow Leave the back of your hair to fall loosely over your shoulders

arrow Spray with hairspray for hold


If you need the most outrageous and the most extreme hair style for Halloween, Mardi-Gra, Masquerade, or costume party, you will find them in this gallery!
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Runway And Extreme Long Hair Styles Gallery 1


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Runway And Extreme Long Hair Styles Gallery

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Runway And Extreme Long Hair Styles Gallery 1

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