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Romantic Hairstyles For Valentines Day


Valentines Day brings about many feelings and thoughts. We think of that which is soft, seductive, sensual, romantic. The hairstyle we wear on Valentine’s Day is a direct reflection of those ideas

to the side romantic hairstyle

This Valentines Day, you may have the ideal little black dress, a handsome date, and reservations at a fancy restaurant.

To go along with everything else, as the perfect compliment, you need a romantic Valentines Day hairstyle.

To go along with everything else, as the perfect compliment, you need a romantic Valentines Day hairstyle.

Depending on where your evening takes you, what makes up your individual sense of style, and what your current hair type is, there are a variety of romantic ways to wear your hair on Valentines Day.

Soft sexy curls are always a perfect choice for Valentines Day.

No matter if your locks are long or short, you can fashion loose, luscious curls to create the perfect Valentines Day hairstyle.


romantic hairstyle all up
romantic hairstyle half up
romantic hairstyle all down

Here are 3 additional romantic hairstyles, all up, half up half down and the always romantic all down loose curls

Romantic HairstylesAlways Romantic, A Classic Chignon

A chignon is one of the most basic updo’s you can shape. However, this timeless, elegant hairstyle is anything but boring. A chignon is completely ideal as a romantic Valentines Day hairstyle. You can dress up your chignon with flowers to add romance and playful sophistication to your style. Beautiful red roses are typically associated with Valentines Day. You can easily incorporate this stunning flower into a number of hairstyles.

Wear the flower at the nape of your neck, or behind your ear. You will smell heavenly and look divine. Molding your hair into a seductive, sophisticated, romantic hairstyle for your Valentines Day is easy to do.

Romantic Hairstyles For Valentines Day Styling Steps

style  steps Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition. If time allows let your hair dry naturally until it is barely damp.
style  steps Use your fingers to distribute a dollop of styling cream through your locks. Detangle and work the product through your tresses with a wide toothcomb.
style  steps When your locks are fully dry, section your hair and use a medium barreled curling iron or hot rollers; working around your head twist section of your hair in a ringlet fashion.
style  steps Once your curls are set, remove the rollers and twist the curl carefully around your fingers.
style  steps Fasten each curl securely with pins.
style  steps When all of your curls are secured, choose the curls closest to your temple area and release them.
style  stepsChoose some curls from behind your ears and release those as well.
style  steps Work all released curls into loose spirals.
style  steps Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.

You can opt to add flowers or jewels to your hair for an added touch of pizzazz. Hair jewelry is the perfect addition to many romantic Valentines Day hairstyles. You can easily bring glitter and glamour to your look with sparkling barrettes.


beautiful lonng wavy hairstyle

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