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Punk Inspired Shag

Rocker chic is hip in a big way, and nothing is cooler than spiky, choppy androgynous haircuts.  Ideal for fine featured faces with gorgeous eyes and cheekbones that would make David Bowie jealous.

These variations on the old school “pixie cut” a la Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby or the Queen of Punk Joan Jett can be seen punked out on the street, and polished in the workplace.

These cuts have an element of asymmetry to them, from the newly popular sweep of side bangs to the shorter off-center crown. 

This is Christina, who has described her shag hairstyle as " my new emo/punk inspired shag!".

Christina's new shag cut is an example of a hairstyle that pulls features from the three different styles of punk, shag, and emo and combines them into a very trendy look for a young women.

Christina tells us that Shai, stylist at Dosha Bridgeport in Portland, OR. created her new style.

punk shag hairstyle girlsThis is a face framing fringe that hangs a bit longer in the front, and can be tousled and spiked in the back with a spray wax or paste.

A fun short cut like this punk inspired shag is usually easier styled when it’s not freshly washed, so feel free to go grunge and skip the shampoo for a day or two to ensure that your tresses are trick-out-able.

Timing is ideal when sporting a shorter cut to try out a more intense, fun hair color.  Add a wash of rich auburn, or even funky brightly colored streaks! 

If you’ve ever wanted to play with a blonde, platinum or honey, short hair is a great excuse.
The face comes center stage when hair goes short, so keep up your skin care to keep that face clear and hydrated. 

Play up your beautiful eyes (like our gal here does) without over powering them.  Keep your eyebrows clean and tweezed. 

Curl your lashes and apply mascara to widen those peepers, and be creative! 

Play with some fun new colors or try something new. 

And even if you’re blush-phobic, a little sweep of blush goes a long way, and emphasizing the contours of your face is a beautiful thing. 

Summer is just about here, and as the weather gets warmer, wouldn’t it be nice to toss that clip or ponytail holder and try a newer, cooler ‘do that’s simple to style but without sacrificing impact?
Enjoy, a punk inspired shag!

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