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Punk hairstyles for girls have been around for well over twenty years. The hairstyles are often considered to be unusual and are characterized by their brilliant shades of color.

kelly osbourne punk hairstyle

There are wonderful things about punk hairstyles for girls.These hairstyles are fun, unique, funky and interesting. Many women are embracing punk hairstyles as a chance to be individual and creative. These days, a large number of women are wearing one of the various versions of the Mohawk hairstyle.

There are not really any rules for wearing a punk hairstyle for girls. The most important part of any punk hairstyle is being yourself, wearing your hair to suit your needs and putting your personality into your punk hairstyle.

A number of female celebrities have also been seen in trendy, punk hairstyles. Kelly Osbourne has long been known for her fantastic punk hairstyles. She is bold, brave, and has fun with her look. If you're wanting to try a punk hairstyle and are not sure what look to go for, you may want to use the following style as a base to work from.

punk hairstyle kelly osbourne


  • Towel dry hair and apply a dab of styling gel through your locks with your fingers.
  • Section your hair and blow-dry using a round brush.
  • While drying, use the brush to lift your hair slightly at the roots for volume.
  • When your locks are completely dry, use a large barrel curling iron to flip your hair up through the sides.
  • Apply a small amount of shine serum if desired.
  • Mist with hairspray for hold.

Kelly's Color

  • To color your punk hairstyle like Kelly’s, section strips of hair, approximately one-plus inches wide through the part. 
  • Wrapping each strip of hair in foil to lighten. 
  • After removing bleach, dry and apply deep ruby red tint to bleached strips only with foil wrap to process. 

You can create this coloring effect with a temporary water based color mousse, color stick or spray color.

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