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Punk Hair For Guys

Punk hair for guys has for the most part stayed pretty much the same with
a few modifications to fit the changing times.

Once thought of as a hairstyle only for rebels, now many guys who live a mainstream lifestyle are sporting hot, trendy, punk hairstyles. Back in the 1970’s, if you wore your hair in any form of spikes and with a color, you were considered to be punk. By the 1980s’, the punk hairstyle evolved to include brilliant shades of color, and the Mohawk.

The early forms of punk hairstyles were wild and uninhibited. The style of punk for men was to be as wild and full of imagination as possible.

Although punk hairstyles for guys are still about experimenting, being different and having fun- they have grown to incorporate a wider group of wearers.

The beauty about the current punk hairstyles for guys is that they can be worn on either a full time or a part time basis. If you like a more corporate look for your professional hours, and the freedom of a punk hairstyle for your downtime, that is entirely possible to achieve.
The styling products available on the market today, such as spray dyes, gels that easily hold spikes, pomades and more, allow you to create any style you desire for the amount of time that suits your needs.
This is so convenient and allows you to be versatile if it is not possible for you to wear a punk hairstyle all of the time.
One of the new and adaptable punk style for guys is the Faux or Urban Mohawk. This look works with hair that has been cut short on the sides while leaving the middle without alteration. This punk hairstyle can be slicked back with gel and made neat for work, or spiked up, and made funky for play.
Shorter, somewhat shaggy haircuts that are also acceptable for the mainstream environment can easily be made into a punk hairstyle if you choose. It is all about working with great styling products to create your look.
Playing with hair color is often a great element in punk hairstyles. If you do not feel comfortable using a permanent dye on your hair, highlights on contrasting colored hair tips with temporary coloring are an ideal solution. They can easily be added and washed off when desired.
An addition to many punk hairstyles is the Emo bang or fringe. To implement this look into your punk hairstyle, the bangs of your hair can be slicked down to cover one eye or the entire side of your face. For your office look, simply slick back your fringe to neaten your appearance.
If you are not held back by a professional lifestyle, your punk hairstyle is limited only by your imagination.
The punk mullet hairstyle is a very hip look. This punk hairstyle for guys is cut short on the top and left long in the back.
Whatever punk hairstyle you have, the only important thing to remember is that it suits your personality. Be as bold and wild, as you desire.

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