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To ensure that your Prom night goes as smooth as possible, it is essential that you have a time guideline that you follow.

This will allow you enough time to take care of even the smallest details; your Prom Timeline should cover about four months.

In order to have everything done and allow you the leisure of taking the time to select a dress, hairstyle and accessories, a four-month timeline is necessary. You do not want to find yourself rushing to select a dress, only to find all of the good ones gone.

Or, trying to book a hair appointment only to discover there is nobody available to create your Prom night hairstyle.

Four months before your Prom night start shopping for your dress. You will want to browse through many gowns and take your time picking the dress that is perfect for you. An excellent way to find the perfect Prom dress is online.

This is also a good time to make any limo arrangements. Limo’s go fast when Prom is approaching so make sure to book yours well in advance.

When you are at the three-month before Prom night mark, it would be the ideal time to finalize your dress choice and order the gown. Prom dress sites offer easy ordering options and they deliver your beautiful dress in a very timely manner.

Many couples enjoy a fancy dinner on their Prom night. Chances are good that almost every couple you know will be going out to eat before Prom. For this reason, it is essential that you make your dinner reservations this far in advance. You want to make certain that your Prom dinner will be at the restaurant of your choice.

Two months before the Prom should find you with your dream dress in your hands. Once you have tried your gown on you will be able to determine what you need in way of lingerie.

Purchase bras and hose that will compliment your gown. You may need a new strapless or backless bra for example depending on the cut of your dress.

It is also time to decide which shoes you want to go with your dress. Prom sites offer a gorgeous line of shoes that will compliment the gown of your choice beautifully.

Purchase all other accessories at this point as well. Once you have tried your dress on, you may find that the gown needs some alterations to allow it to fit you perfectly. Book an appointment with a seamstress so any repairs are completed well before the big night.

This is also a good time to order your corsage and matching boutonniere. Visit your hair salon for a trial run. You want to ensure your hairstyle choice is going to look wonderful.

A month before the Prom, your tickets should be purchased, make-up techniques decided on and nail and waxing appointments booked. Three weeks before the Prom call and ensure all of your reservations and appointments are firmly in place.

Two weeks before Prom make certain your dress does not need any additional alterations. Have your gown pressed if needed.

A week before your Prom night have your dress hanging in a safe location! The day before your Prom, go in for your manicure, pedicure and waxing. On your Prom day, the last step is going to your salon to have your hair done in the style of your choice.

The night of your prom:
Have a blast!

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