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Pre Teen Boys Short And Clean Hairstyles

pre teen boys short hairstyleFinding the right hair cut for pre-teen guys should be about finding a style that is fun, trendy easy to manage and can be easily worked with to fit into a busy lifestyle.

These days, even pre-teen guys know what they like, and have an interest in how they look.

So although a stylist should be consulted to make sure they have a hairstyle suited for their hair type, young guys should be encouraged to choose a hairstyle that they like.

Many of the popular hairstyles sported by pre-teen guys today are short and clean A short hairstyle will work well with any hair type and are easy for a busy young guy to take care of by himself.

The hippest hairstyles are typically shorter in the back, possibly longer in the front and often contain layers for movement, style and volume.

It is important even for pre-teen guys to know what type of hair they have and to wear their hair in a style that will suit their them the best.

Longer layers worked into a clean short hairstyle are flattering for thin hair and will provide the illusion of fullness.

Whereas if your hair is thick, you may want to keep your layers as short as possible to maintain control. If your hair is very wavy or curly, layers can be used to create definition to your hairstyle.


back view pre teens boys hairstyle

Pre Teen Boys Short And Clean Hairstyles ~ Layers

Layers can also be used to soften facial features and create a gentle edge around your face.

As with all hairstyles, styling products can be used to control your hair or add variation to your hairstyle. There are a variety of short hairstyles available for pre-teen guys.

Layering refers to cutting the hair at various lengths throughout the hairstyle. The layers can then be blended so that you cannot see where one length stops and the next begins.

Or you can opt for a style where the layers are not blended and provide a thicker look.





young teen boys hairstyle


Layers are an excellent styling tool for removing weight and heaviness from your hair. Often they are used on the top of the head to thin out extra hair and provide movement.

If your hair is cut around your head to approximately the same length, your cut will be composed of uniform layers.

This is ideal if you prefer a more clean cut look. If a messy style suits you better, you may opt for the same short layered cut, and then just play with styling products for the effect you desire.

Gels can be used to create the look you want. Layering is not typically an exact hairstyle; it just provides your current short cut with more movement and styling options.




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