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Ponytail Hair Styles Gallery, The Ponytail Is Back!

glam ponytailYour first ponytail may have been your cutest, most of us can view that first ponytail in our baby albums, a little one inch pony at the top of our head gathered with a fluffy lace hair accessory that was adorned with bows, ribbons, or pink silk roses. For the high fashion babies you will see socks to match.

As little girls we fashioned our doll’s hair in much the same manner, even small fingers could master the style of the ponytail.

Barbie was a favorite model as she came with long hair in one length that was perfect for styling ponytails, pigtails, and topknots.

One of my earliest and favorite “salons” was out in the garden, dolls became fashionistas leaving the garden salon wearing styles with ponytails accessorized with fern leaves, roses, and baby’s breath.

An unending supply of grasses and vines provided inspiration for braiding; even Raggedy Ann left her appointment happily with the chicest of styles.

We went off to elementary school with the ponytail as the standard, and then seemed to reserve it in later years for the bad hair day or the play hard, work hard hairstyle.

Sadly, the ponytail became reserved for the gym, washing the car, and the days when you could not wash your hair.

A brief return to popularity was seen with the creation of the scrunchie. If you do have a drawer full of these scrunchies, they are no longer fashion statement and are not for today’s trendy ponytails!

Today’s Ponytail is the requisite trendy hairstyle, Ponytails went to the award shows this season, filled the pages of spring fashion magazines, Designers Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs dressed runway models in the loose and low style, wrapped with strips of hair to cover elastics.

The ponytail has always been the most utilitarian amongst hairstyles and this holds true today, styles range the full gamut of styles, from chic to nonchalant, dressed up or dressed down. The ponytail compliments any outfit or occasion, messy and sexy, smooth and polished, casual, sporty, or conservative.

A ponytail does not require the styling time and efforts involved for dos and is the easiest for any one to style the basic and then elaborate on any chosen theme, this ponytail hairstyle gallery has a mix these styles to give you ideas.

Ponytails are friendly to all hair textures, curly and wavy ponytails being as chic as smooth and straight. The ponytail is the most universal of all hairstyles, worn by men, women, and children, it is worn by all ages, races, and hair types.

These are the three basic ponytail styles to view in the Ponytail Hair Styles Gallery, from these variations are created to compliment every hair type, face shape and mood and for every occasion and celebration


The foundation of the basic ponytail is easily created by pulling your hair back and fastening with a band or ponytail holder to secure in place. The position of where your ponytail will be gathered can be practically anywhere - on one side or the other, high or low. The classic style is at the back, centered over your occipital bone. The pony is then usually left to hang loosely from your ponytail holder.
Ponytail Hair Styles Gallery


The Topknot is the term used for the ponytail that is positioned at your upper crown area or at the top of your head. All or only the center section of front hair can be gathered into a topknot. The initial style was to keep long hair pulled away from your face but it soon became the base for more creative styling. Full or partial up dos, buns, and a variation of the Gibson Girl can originate from a topknot.
Ponytail Hair Styles Gallery


Pigtail hairstyles are created by dividing your hair and forming into two separate tails. The position and placement of your pigtails can be optional and classic pigtails are symmetrical (the same on each side). In addition, as with the ponytail above, the loose hair can be dressed up however you desire. Pigtails can work, when a ponytail does not, for shorter hair that escapes from a single pony, pigtails will secure this length better.
Ponytail Hair Styles Gallery


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