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Ponytail Hair Styles Gallery 3, Single And Double Braided

messy double braided ponytialsThese days women are more active and fit then ever before, while it may be great for our bodies, a good workout can total a hairstyle fast. The solution is a hairstyle that can keep up, and a braided ponytail makes a great work out partner.

Whatever your sport or fitness routine, a braided ponytail will keep your hair out of your eyes or that of your teammates!

You can create this style fast at home or in the changing rooms choosing a single or double braid. The ponytail hairstyle gallery will give you ideas on how to style both.

As you can see from the pictures in Ponytail Hairstyles Gallery 3, a braided ponytail can also be a style for casual to formal events.

Styling Instructions For Double Braided Ponytails:
You may find your hair easier to braid when slightly damp
Part your hair using a comb, tracing a straight line down the back of your head, if you wish to leave bangs, start the part mid crown.
Secure each section with coated hair elastic
Braid one section by separating the hair into three equal sections
Alternating, place each of the outside sections of hair over the center section
When you are about one to two inches from the bottom, secure with coated hair elastic.
Repeat for other side,
Braided ponytails will work best on hair that is mid length to long.


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