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side ponytail long bangsIf you were to ask almost any woman what she could use more of, your bound to get the same answer - time. The ponytail is a hairstyle that gives back some of those extra precious minutes you need to get through a busy day.

Not only is a ponytail a time saver, it is a quick fix for those bad hair days we all have now and again.

Although it is an instant uplift for bad hair day blue’s, a chic side ponytail leaves you looking like you have nothing to hide. When worn with your hair pulled back, a side ponytail draws attention to the fine features of your face.

Whether your alarm fails to go off, or you just need a few extra minutes under the sheets, a side ponytail is a hairstyle you can achieve in minutes with no fuss.

Instead of fighting with your locks, trying to tame your curls into straightness or coaxing your limp locks to life just gather it back into an easy ponytail. You’re left looking fresh and ready to face the day.

If you are currently sporting a short hairstyle, a chic side ponytail is not out of your reach. A ponytail hair extension is just the answer. For those who feel very bold, forget matching your natural hair color, go for an extension in a vibrant color.

For an instant, effortless uplift to your day, why not try a fabulous side ponytail. Use the time you save on something more important than fussing in front of the mirror - you!


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