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Police Officer Costumes For Men

Do you fancy yourself above the law?  Or have you simply fought the law and the law won?  Sometimes costumes are less about movie monsters and more about a different kind of scary – like getting pulled over by flashing lights and sirens. 

Whether you’re a good cop or a bad cop, get a little cheeky by playing police officer on Halloween.  Play your cards right, and you might just find yourself hauling a pretty criminal on down to the station.   

Some other fun variations that can be found are SWAT team and Highway Patrol and “Reno 911!” and “CHiPS” sorts of costumes either with shorts of pants. 

You could also go even more specific as a bike cop or Canadian Mountie!  If you’re traveling a more traditional route, find yourself on the right side of the law by donning your cop blues. 

Some costumes come ready made with matching shirt and pants, including badge and belt full of fun police toys.  You can also put your own copper gear together with a dark blue shirt and matching pants or even jeans.  Pair your police costumes with work boots or sneakers. 


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