Planning The Cost Of Your Prom

Prom Can Get Expensive!

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Your Prom is one of the first major formal events in your life. It is meant to be an exciting evening that signifies your adult years are just over the horizon.

You will want to be able to look back on your Prom as an amazing night where you had an incredible time and looked absolutely spectacular.

When it comes to your Prom, procrastination is never a good idea. Your Prom will not come together on its own. There are a large number of details to work out, plan for and take care of well before the big night arrives.

By planning the cost of your Prom well ahead and taking care of even the smallest details as far in advance as possible, you guarantee your Prom Night will be a magical evening you remember fondly forever.

Unfortunately, it is true that the Prom usually ends up costing a fair amount of money. Once you have purchased the necessities you can end up spending a lot of cash. A survey conducted showed that the typical teen attending the Prom will spend approximately $650 for their Prom night.

Although this is a large amount of money, just remember that the dollar amount covers a lot of items. You can use the following guideline to give yourself an estimate of the costs that generally go into preparing for your Prom night and planning the cost of your Prom.

Planning The Cost Of Your Prom For:
Prom Dress
Lingerie and Hose
Eyebrow Waxing
Manicure or Fill In

These days, it is no longer left to the guys to foot the remaining tab for the Prom. Typically young women will pay half the cost for many of the evenings activities. Talk to your date well in advance so you know exactly what costs you are expected to contribute to.

Planning The Cost Of Your Prom Shared Costs:
Prom Photo
After Party

Who pays for what is not the important part. What is essential to enjoying this special night in your life is that you have an amazing time and organize yourself well in advance. Sit down with your date a few times so that you can talk about Prom details. Ask your date his opinion; discuss how you feel about any issues.

This Prom is for you, but since your spending the whole night with your date it is vital that you are both happily on board for all the plans.

Be open and up front with your date. Especially about money and what things cost, and who pays for what. It would be horrible to finish a pre-prom dinner or an after prom breakfast only to find your date does not have enough money to pay for you.

The sooner you sit down and plan what you need to do to create a perfect Prom experience, the sooner everything will be done and you can relax. By taking care of all the little details first, you will have time to focus on the bigger, more important issues such as finding the perfect dress for Prom!

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