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Pixie Short Haircuts Always Easy Always Ready

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Pixie Short Haircuts Always Easy To Style And Always Ready To Go! <br>
As we all know, as women if there is one thing we can always use more of, its time. You&rsquo;re hectic schedule never seems to leave you enough moments in the day for yourself.

A pixie short haircut is a great way to save time while still allowing you to look your best. This versatile cut can ease any woman’s life, taking you from the sofa to the boardroom from the PTA to a five star restaurant. Pixie short haircuts are always cute and always ready.

The pixie short haircut is a simple yet eloquent way to make a bold statement.

Your super short locks will call attention to your facial features, allowing your natural beauty to shine.

Best of all, even though very short, the pixie short haircut still allows you limitless options. You can place your individual stamp all over this easy hairstyle.

Pixie Short Haircuts Always Easy Always Ready
Your pixie short haircut can be styled to suit whatever your mood is of the day.

You could add some gel for the messy look, smooth in some pomade to be sleek or simply wash and go.

If your feeling a bit more daring, try a few highlights, opt to color your tresses bold hue, or even make use of hair accessories.

The pixie short haircut is also perfect for the trendy woman who loves to experiment with color. The short length of your locks keeps damage from styling chemicals down to a bare minimum.

Recently, Natalie Portman, a trendy young actress has been seen sporting a pixie short haircut.

It seems as if this busy young star loves the wash and wear ease of a short pixie haircut.

Ready to simplify your hairstyle while still looking stylish and glam? A visit to your salon for a short pixie haircut is the perfect solution. .

To have this always cute, always ready haircut for yourself, ask your beautician for the following cut Cut the perimeter of the hair starting in the front center, angled down in front of the ears, and then angled back up to just below the tops of the ears.

Working from the back of the head at the center nape area cut the perimeter into a curve at the neck.
If desired, layers can be infused throughout. Additionally, some texturizing can be done with shinning or notching shears if your hear is very thick.

Pixie Short Haircuts Always Easy Always Ready
Styling Instructions

Unlike some complicated styles, the pixie short haircut is just as easy for you to do at home. A few moments in front of your vanity leave you looking like you just stepped out of the salon.

arrowTowel dry hair
arrowApply a dab of gel through your hair with your fingers
arrow Using your fingers or a comb place hair in desired position
arrowBlow dry
arrowLightly spray with hairspray for hold If desired allow to air dry

It really is that simple.
A short pixie haircut leaves you always cute, and always ready!


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Pixie Short Haircuts Always Easy Always Ready
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