Pirate Costumes For Men

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! Pirates are THE hot costume this Halloween, and we’ve got silver screen studlies like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom to blame for it. Well, get ready to keep those timbers shivering as we pull together a hip, happening pirate costume for the costume party-goer in the know.

There are a number of varieties of pirate costume available. Do a dead on impersonation of our favorite Captain Jack Sparrow, or be a bit fancier as a lace cuffed Captain Hook sort of chap.

But perhaps the sexiest pirate gear to don would be a slightly more rugged, rogue-ish swashbuckling hero working the ship.

The sort of fella who’d have a big gold earring hanging from one ear, and a red scarf tied around his head – pay attention, these are costume hints!

Stripes and laces spell P-I-R-A-T-E.  You’ll need a full long sleeved shirt, white or off white, that you can keep deliberately undone a bit to show off your treasure chest – or dig up one with a lace up collar.

A three-quarter sleeved boatnecked shirt with horizontal stripes will do the trick as well.  Wear a vest over the shirt, one with short or no sleeves if you can find it. 

Tie a red scarf around the waist and, if you like, layer another belt over it.  Tuck a pair of well fitted black pants into knee high boots (or boot covers worn over your favorite comfy sneakers – available in most costume stores). 

Tie a bandanna scarf around your head and add an eye patch.  Wear a tricorn hat to show your ship status.    

For an extra dash of pirate flair, find a Polly wanna cracker parrot pal to keep on your shoulder – you may even find one that actually repeats back what you say! 

And what pirate could successfully swashbuckler without a proper pirate’s sword or gentlemen’s pistol. 

There are tons of big pirate-y skull and crossbones rings and pendants to wear with your uber stylish pirate gear. 

You’ll have to have a gold hoop earring to dangle from one ear, and maybe get creative with the addition of a creepy hook!  Thick leather bracelets can be worn over or under long sleeves. 

If you can’t live your nine-to-five life with long, Jack Sparrow-worthy dreadlocks, there are tons of fantastic wigs available. 

Look for long beaded dreadlocks, long dark hair, or find a tricorn pirate hat with the hair extensions attached! 

The possibilities are endless – and remember, the most fun thing about Halloween is getting to pretend to be someone else for a night! 

Enjoy, Pirate Costumes For Men


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Pirate Costumes For Men

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