Perfume Ingredients And Fragrance Bases

Perfume ingredients and fragrance bases change often to ensure a profit for a companies, The fragrance needs to have a contemporary smell and design idea. In the last year alone, there were over one hundred and fifty brand new fragrances.

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The scent has to reflect modern tastes in smells in order for the company to make a profit on the huge investment they put into a new scent.

Perfume Is Big Business

Perfumes are not the only way that a new fragrance is sold. Often times, a scent is also available as a hand lotion, soap, bath gel and bath spritz. These are known to be companion products. This is a huge benefit to women as most of them have an average of seven to nine different scent products.

It is nice for woman to have this variety as there are women who opt not to spray on a perfume daily but still want the option of using a scented product. Each year, certain fragrances have increased in their popularity.

Fashionable Scents

Abby Beauty, Emporio Armani Night

One of these popular fragrances is Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden, which has a divine floral base. The combination of ingredients in this fragrance includes Rubrum lily, golden sweet orchid, lemon, Indian sandalwood, amber, and musk.

Another fashionable scent is Emporio Armani Night for Her by Armani. Its base mixes a blend of woody, floral and amber scents. The ingredients in this fragrance are most apt to be composed of peonies, lily of the valley, black currant, cranberry, sandalwood, patchouli and myrrh.

Sensi, Boss Intense

Yet another well liked fragrance whose popularity base seems to always be growing is Sensi, by Georgio Armani. This grouping involves a blend of woody, floral, and oriental aromas.

The components used to produce this enthralling scent consist of Kaffir lime leaves, barley, Palisander woods, vanilla, mimosa, and jasmine. Boss Intense, by Boss, is created from an amber base and appears to be made from vanilla orchids.

Initial, Burberry, Gloria

Another very popular fragrance is Initial for Women. This scent has a floral foundation and its composed of ingredients such as lily of the valley, Turkish rose, cinnamon, patchouli, black currant leaf, and vanilla.

Burberry Brit, fashioned by Burberry, is a very renowned fragrance that appears to have an oriental base. Ingredients in this fragrance comprise softwood, sugared almonds, lime, pear, and amber.

Gloria, fashioned by Cacharel, is an appealing oriental scent. The ingredients in this captivating fragrance for women include Hibiscus, roses, amaretto, and vanilla.

Pretty Perfume


Clinque Happy is a floral scent for women created by Clinique. This scent provides an appealing blend of both fruit and flower. The ingredients for this fragrance include magnolia, red grapefruit, and blonde wood.

Another sophisticated Clinque fragrance for women is Clinque Simply. This fragrance is also composed with a delicate floral base. The ingredients for this woman’s fragrance combine white flowers and aniseed.

ISA Bella, Escada, Dior

ISA Bella by Cotty has an enthralling base that blends vanilla, balsam, and a variety of aromatic flowers.

Escada Ibizza Hippy is an intoxicating fragrance for women produced by Escada. It utilizes the wonderful combination of amber, pear, freesia, and cranberry as its base.

Dior addict by Dior has become a very fashionable fragrance for women. This perfume blends sandalwood, vanilla rose, jasmine and Jamaican flowers to create a fascinating scent.

Sicily, Mago, Fendi

The fragrance Sicily was created by Dolce and Gabanna and encompasses ingredients such as honeysuckle, Italian bergamot, jasmine, Hibiscus, and sandalwood to create a fresh citrus aroma.

Mago, produced by Etro, is a fragrance with an innovate fruit base and is thought to be one of the most tantalizing perfumes on the market.

Fendi, made by Fendi, is known for its exotic and spicy oriental aroma. This fragrance works with ingredients such as amber, musk, vanilla, and softwoods to create its exclusive aroma.


One last well-loved fragrance is Mahora by Guerlain. This perfume blends together uniquely to create a floral, oriental scent. The elements in this fragrance consist of frangipani, jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang, neroli, vanilla, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Antique Perfume Bottles

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Fragrance Basis

Many of the most popular perfume ingredients and fragrance bases use floral, citrus, or other naturals as a portion of their ingredients. However, those elements are actually only a minute part of what ingredients go into creating popular fragrances.

In fact, some of the natural ingredients are even synthesized. For example, Aldehydic base is a well-known perfume additive that is used to synthesize balsam and chypre.

Another well-known additive in perfume ingredients and fragrance bases is Cedrat base; it is used in both oriental and floral fragrances and creates a scent of citrus. Curacao base is a perfume additive that is utilized in many fragrances that offer both a citrus and herbal aroma.

A very well liked aroma is that of gardenia. For the most part, gardenia is used in fragrances that are floral based. Rose Hawthorne works well together with amber and woody scents.

Neroli has a variety of number of different services. It is often used for amber scents, floral scents, leather scents, lilac scents, magnolia scents, lily of the valley scents, and gardenia scents.

Orange Flower is utilized in poppy-based scents, cedar scents, and freesia fragrances. Almost every fragrance available for purchase using red rose in its ingredients. Verbena is used mostly to synthesize citrus fragrances.

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