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Perfect Side Bangs For Your Face Shape

Wear The Right Bang

Find the most flattering and perfect side bangs for your face shape. When deciding to change your hairstyle, the most important thing to consider is what looks will be most flattering to your facial shape and features.

Facial shape is somewhat subjective. Most people are familiar with the heart, round, oval, square shapes, but in recent years, those shapes have been expanded to include triangle, pear, and diamond. 

Kate Moss Face Shape

Kate Moss: The Perfect Oval Face Shape

In a scientific sort of way, they all are variations of some form of the above four, so we¹re going to try to keep it simple with those basic four.

Determining what shape your face most closely resembles is simple enough.

With a clean face, pull your hair tightly back, and take a good look at yourself in the mirror.  Think geometrically what do you see?

Of course, these face shapes are only jumping off points. If you are dying to shave your head, or wear a pixie cut, be brave and give it a try. 

The thing about hair is that it will always grow back, and beauty and fashion are supposed to be fun!

Round Face Shape
Kelly Clarkson Round Face Shape
Kelly Clarkson
Christina Ricci Round Face Shape
Christina Ricci

A round face is nearly as wide as it is long, and widest in the cheeks. 

You¹ll want to avoid a lot of chunky layers, as they tend to add bulk, so keep the fringe long and sleek. 

A bit of backcombing or ratting behind those sweepy bangs (for the sixties sex kitten look) will also slim and add some length. 

When wearing your hair up, pull down some pieced around your bangs to further frame and slim your face.

Square Face Shape
Minnie Driver Square Face Shape
Minnie Driver
Madonna Square Face Shape

A square face is most obviously defined by a squared jaw, but additionally, the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all similar widths. 

Side swept bangs will soften and slim the angles of this face shape, and draw a lot of attention to those beautiful eyes.

You may also want to cut some long-ish layers around the face to further break up the line. Minnie Driver is a great example of a square face, and so is Madonna.

Heart Face Shape
Kirsten Dunst Heart Face Shape
Kirsten Dunst
Kate Hudson Heart Face Shape
Kate Hudson

Heart shaped faces are also defined by the line of the jaw, but in this case it tapers to a point, with a wider forehead and higher cheekbones. 

You¹ll want to also have some layers cut in around between your cheekbones and jawline to help even out the narrowness of the chin.

Compare to Kirsten Dunst and Kate Hudson.

Oval Face Shape
Kate Moss Oval Face Shape
Kate Moss
Natalie Portman Oval Face Shape
Natalie Portman

An oval shaped face has long been considered the perfect face Shape that can get away with just about anything.

 If your forehead is wider than your chin, and you have prominent cheekbones, you probably have an oval face.

You can layer, or not. Wear the fringe heavy or wispy, it¹s completely up to your personal preference. Celebrities with oval faces include Kate Moss and Natalie Portman.

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