Perfect Shaving For Men ~ Is Old School

A perfect shave for men goes old school with double-edged safety razors
and badger hair lather brushes for a perfect smooth shave.

guys long fringeMen can happily use the same bar of soap for their face and body, much to the dismay of their ladies with a separate body wash, exfoliator, facial cleanser, etc. 

Many men are flabbergasted and overwhelmed by the vast array of beauty products that crowd and monopolize the counter space and shelves in the bathrooms they share with their female counterparts. You need only to make a few changes to enjoy a perfect shave.

Try these simple steps to treat yourself (and your lady) to the luxury of the perfect shave.

Maybe you’ve spent the majority of your life scraping away at a dry face with a disposable Bic razor, and take shaving as a mundane get-ready task you zip through. 

If that’s the case, you’re probably also fairly familiar with the look of your face covered with teeny bits of toilet paper stuck to numerous (and painful) little razor cuts and nicks.  It’s time to start taking your time with this process

Perfect Shaving For Men ~ The Basic Tools

The basic tools to achieve the perfect shave are (duh) a good, non-disposable razor, a glycerin-based shaving cream, and if you like, a lather brush. 

When choosing a razor, don’t dismiss the idea of those old school double-edged safety razors, like the kind Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart would’ve used. 

In addition to being awfully cool to look at, they also tend to give the closest and smoothest shave, and are much easier to use than you might initially think. 

They are especially recommended to men with very thick beards (curly haired and African-American men) who are more prone to shaving bumps and ingrown hairs. 

There is a cool vintage looking five piece shave set by Swissco with stand in our Shave Shop at page bottom. A cool, retro-looking shaving set-up may just end up a welcome addition to your bathroom set-up.

Next, look into a badger hair lather brush.  This can make the biggest difference in your shaving experience, even if you change nothing else. 


Genuine Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

A shaving brush helps exfoliate the skin (betcha that’s a new step for ya!), and that up-and-down motion of the brush and lather across your face gets those whiskers standing straight up for maximum cutting area. 

The genuine badger hair holds water better than other animal hairs, and is stiff enough to stimulate those whiskers, but soft enough to feel just heavenly on your skin.  They may seen pricey, but are worth every penny and last forever.

You’ll need something to lather up with.  There are many, many options in a variety of prices from the frugal to shocking.  Our Shave Shop blow features The Art of the Shave for some yummy scents.  These creams are so decadent and comforting that you just might find yourself spoiled forever from your old school, gel to foam in a can.

Perfect Shaving For Men ~ The Shave

All right, now that you’ve got your basic tools, let’s get ready to shave.  It’s a good idea to get started after a nice, hot shower, as your pores are open and your muscles relaxed.

If that’s not an option, at least make sure your face is freshly cleaned to remove any excess oil and debris that could come between you and a nice close shave.  You’ll also want to keep your face as moist and hydrated as possible, so fill that sink with very warm, but not scalding hot water.

Soak your lather brush in the water as the sink fills, and once the bristles are fully saturated but not drippy, swirl your brush in a tub of shaving cream. Don’t skimp on the lathery goodness, but try not to overdo it, either.  After a few times, you’ll know what the right amount is. 

Lather up like your painting your face and neck up and down.  Take your time until your covered with a luxurious, opaque layer of shaving cream.  Generally speaking, hair grows from cheeks down to chin, and neck hair grows upwards, but take a look at your unique growth pattern. 

It is necessary to shave with hair growth to ensure that you’re cutting hair above skin and avoiding ingrown hairs (ouch!). 

Take your time, and be gentle with your face.  Especially, with a double-edged razor, don’t press down or be too jerky with your stroke.  You’re going to have to completely change your usual quickie, rake-across-the-face habits, and that takes time, so don’t be discouraged if your first few tries leave you with a nick or two. 

Once you get the hang of this new method, you’ll find yourself looking forward to shaving every morning. Once you’re done shaving, splash a little cold water on your face to seal up those pores.  Pat, and don’t rub your face dry with a clean, soft towel, and finish up with a non-alcohol based, moisturizing after-shave.  

Now, smooth-faced and smelling delicious, go find your lady and tell her you’re reclaiming your little corner of the bathroom!
Enjoy, Perfect Shaving For Men

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