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Paris Hilton Fashion Hairstyles Gallery

Even medium hair lengths for teenage girls tend to be medium long. It is a great alternative to the longer hair lengths and still leaves you lots of length for up dos, ponytails and chignons.

Celebrity teens hairstyles range from flips, edgy bobs, curls, lightly layered and shaggy styles.

One of the styles you often see on celebrity teens is soft loose curls as in the picture of Sara Wright. Sarah's hair is actually a very simple cut that extends a few inches below shoulder level.

The bags are full and on the long side but this style is also pretty with a long side swept bang or a lighter fringe.
Layers are cut to frame Sarah's face and layered lightly around the bottom half to create volume.

Here is how you can get Sarah Wright's hairstyle with beautiful loose curls and waves.


Paris Hilton Fashion Hairstyles Gallery
Styling Hair Spray damp hair with a volumizing spray from your roots to your ends, spray a section of hair at a time.
Styling Hair Blow dry your hair while bending forward and hair is flipped forward and hanging down.
Styling Hair Roll small sections of your hair in velcro rollers starting at the front and center of your hair
Styling Hair Place the second roller directly behind your first and continue rolling sections of hair done to the last section at the nape of your neck.
Styling Hair Roll a row of rollers in the same manner down each side of the center roll, continuing this way until all of your hair is in rollers.
Styling Hair Leave the rollers to set for about half an hour and then dry each roiled section with your blow-dryer until completely dry.
Styling Hair Set your blow dryer to cold and go over each roller to lock in the curl and smooth and seal the hair cuticle.
Styling HairRemove rollers when hair is cool and brush or separate with your fingers lightly
Styling HairFinish with a light hair spray to hold curls.


Paris Hilton Fashion Hairstyles Gallery


Paris Hilton Fashion Hairstyles Gallery

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