Paris Hilton Celebrity Hair Styles

paris hilton formal updo hairstyleParis Hilton started out being famous just for being herself. As the years have passed however, Paris has stared in movies, designed watches, been in a reality television show and even released an album.












Along with her various professional changes, her look has undergone a wide range of transformations as well. At the 2006 American Music Awards Paris was wearing her locks in a glossy, smooth style. Her hair had been cut into a dense length; her bangs, which reached her brows, feathered a small amount at the tips.

Although suitable for Paris’s musical night out, this hairstyle would also be ideal for a quiet afternoon lunch. This hairstyle will be most apt to flatter those with a square face.

When she attended the release party for her new album, Paris’s hairstyle was revamped as well. She was now wearing her tresses in a sleek, straight look that fell to just below her shoulders. The ends were slightly layered to allow for shimmering movement and the bangs were coiffed, allowing them to sit on either side of her face.

In true Paris style she created a stir at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards with a style that suited her typical individuality. Her tresses were slicked back tightly and sculpted into an up-style with her bangs styled to sit high in a design that rolled back. Although modifiable for most face shapes, this style is best suited for those with oval or round face shapes.

Paris decided to recreate a vintage hairstyle, giving it a modern twist when she attended the launching of her new fragrance. Paris had her hair pulled back into a clean up-style that provided a great deal of volume throughout the crown. This hairstyle was completed with thick bangs for the perfect classic touch.

Paris often makes use of hair accessories such as headbands, elastic bands and barrettes to style her locks in simple yet stunning looks. Recently at a clothing store opening, Paris wore her hair pulled back into a gentle ponytail. A large headband was used as an excellent compliment to this simple style and also worked to keep her bangs mostly out of her face with a few tendrils left free to frame her features.

Many people were surprised when Paris had the shears taken to her long locks. She made an excellent choice, as she never looked more stunning than when she was spotted sporting this funky Bob haircut.

paris hilton updo hair style back viewThe length was cropped to just above shoulder level and soft angled layers were cut in to give this style shape and movement.

Lovely short wispy bangs finish off this terrific hairstyle. Paris Hilton Celebrity Hair Styles Paris Hilton Celebrity Hair Styles Paris like many other celebrities is a lover of many Sedu hairstyles.

Paris often uses a Sedu as a styling option. There are times when her Sedu hairstyle flows free and long, and other times when she uses the Sedu before styling her locks.

She even used the Sedu when she was sporting her fabulous Bob haircut. No matter how she wears her hair, Paris always looks hip and trendy.

When Paris sports a hairstyle fashion, you can be sure that others are soon to follow!




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Paris Hilton Celebrity Hair Styles


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