Pamela Andersons Sexy Waves

Pamela Andersons sexy waves  are long luscious locks that are the envy of many.  In this picture, Pamela Anderson’s hairstyle is pure 70’s funk with a modern twist that sets her look apart from the crowd.

Pamela Anderson

It is perfectly okay to want to wear your locks in the latest hairstyle trends; however, putting your own stamp on your style will make you a hair leader instead of a fad follower.

Shoulder Length Waves

Pamela’s tresses fall well below shoulder length in sensual, loose waves. You however, can still have almost the same exact look even if your locks are not quite as long as Pamela’s are.

Pamela Anderson’s modern 70s long wavy hairstyle is geared to compliment oval, oblong, square, heart, and even triangular face shapes.

Even though it is by far easier to reach the style requirements necessary to create this look with locks that are medium or thick, some great styling products will allow even those with fine hair to wear a look very similar to Pamela’s.

Pamela Andersons  sexy waves are not hard to style at home by yourself; however, you will need at least a half of an hour to end up with the results that you want.


Pamela Andersons hairstyle is a fabulous choice for a high profile celebrity  to wear to an after hours event; it is also casual and flirty enough for an afternoon out as well.

  • Use a wide tooth comb to work tangles from your towel dried tresses
  • Mist hair with spray gel, working at least three inches away from your hair. Be certain to spray your roots for guaranteed volume
  • Work mousse through your hair evenly with your fingers
  • With the tail end of your comb, start at the middle of your right eye and pull your hair back to allow for a right part that is even. If you are looking for the appearance of width, this part is the ideal choice for a wide face shape
  • Using clips part your hair and pin it up into four sections
  • Use a round brush while blowing the sections of your hair. Work from the nape of your neck and pull the brush from the roots down turning the brush slightly. Allow your ends to fold under
  • For the sides of your hair, you will want to dry the sections under in a curved motion to provide your tresses with volume
  • When it comes time to dry your bangs, all of the rest of your hair will need to be clipped and out of the way
  • Your bangs should be dried forward and towards the left. Work from the roots to the ends while keeping your blow dryer turned down low
  • While drying your crown, work from the roots to the ends lifting at the crown for even more luxurious volume
  • Use a medium barreled curling iron to create curls as desired around your head
  • Carefully apply hair wax to the ends of your curls with your fingers pinching the ends as you go
  • Hard wax can be worked into the roots of your hair with your fingers while lifting for seductive volume
  • Pull your bangs gently the left with your fingers and some hair wax for hold
  • Mist generously with a long lasting hair spray

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