Your Oval Face Shape

The oval face shape is usually accepted as the perfect face shape. It is slightly narrower at your jaw line than at your temples, and with a graceful taper from cheeks to chin.

This face shape has an almost perfect balance; there is an equal distance from the hairline to the eyebrow, from the eyebrows to the tip of the chin.

Your Objective

There are very few hair styles that you cannot wear, and the classic chignon hairstyle is a perfect match for this almost perfect face shape.

Select styles based more on your hair texture. You really have a lot of freedom to accent your best facial features.

Styles to Compliment a Oval Facial Shape

  • Shoulder length is extremely flattering.
  • A short style that is angled at the jawbone will accentuate cheekbones.
  • This is the face shape that the majority of models possess, wearing almost a new hairstyle every month and looking great in each one.

Styles To Avoid

  • Perhaps here your only caution is to go with only what you really do feel comfortable with and that the style is age appropriate.
  • A cut, with heavy bangs or a style that is very forward directed will cover a beautiful asset, In choosing such a style, you may lose the perfect balanced shape behind the hair and add weight to the face as well.

Perhaps here your only caution is to go with only what you really do feel comfortable with and that the style is age appropriate.

For a more detailed look and hairstyle pictures of the correct and the wrong hairstyles for you please see Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

Your Jewelry

If you are in search of jewelry that is appropriate for the oval face shape, there are many choices.

When it comes to earrings, hoops are a popular choice. Both curved and angular styles work, take a little caution with styles which are extremely long and dangling.

However, other geometric shapes, like the triangle, are also a great choice.

It is just important to ensure that the earrings do not dangle down too far. Necklaces and chokers can be worn in any shape, and at any length.

Your Eyewear

For this perfect face shape choose styles that are no wider than the widest part of your face.

There are many different methods of applying makeup and choosing jewelry for the oval face shape, by using the ideas and tips listed here, you are likely to maximize the appearance of your unique features.

Oval Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston And BFF
Oval The Perfect Face Shape

Your Makeup

Each of us as individuals has a unique facial structure. It has been determined that there are certain things that can enhance the shape of your face, and the features.

The two main things include the type and method in which we wear our makeup, and the type of jewelry that we choose to wear. In this article, you will be introduced to the makeup and jewelry for oval face shape.

If you are looking to maximize the appearance of your oval facial features, the tips listed in this article will allow you to do just that.

If you have this face shape, it is important to know and understand that this shape is considered to be the “perfect” shape. 

Your Foundation

However, if you want to tone down the “perfect” shape of your face, you may want to apply a foundation that is dark in color.

This should be placed in and near the area of the chin, as well as the forehead. This will add the effect of the face appearing shorter and thinner in these areas.

Many prefer their faces to retain the naturally oval shape. For these individuals, the darker foundation around the chin and the forehead are not required.

Individuals who have an oval face shape should apply the foundation that they normally use when applying makeup.

It is advised to use either a liquid foundation, or a powder foundation that is approximately one shade darker than your skin.

You will simply apply in the heavily worn areas of the face, like the nose, upper cheeks, and forehead and then brush or rub around the other areas of the face.

This will take care of the base for all makeup designs. The next step is to set the eyes in makeup.

Eye Shapes

The proper makeup techniques for the eyes involve the determination of the overall shape and contour of the eye.

Listed below are a few basic tips as they relate to common eye shapes associated with the oval face shape: If you have almond shaped eyes, it is important to add to the overall depth of the eyes.

This can be achieved by simply using a dark colored eyeliner on the top eyelid, but it should not extend past the outer corner of the lid.

It should be sharp and precise in order to intensify the appearance of the almond shaped eye.

If you have oval shaped eyes, it is important to ensure that your makeup provides a general height to the eyes.

This can be achieved by applying eyeliner thickly in the top eyelid center, and then a faint line under the area of the lashes. Any color can be used to achieve this look.

For those with the oval face shape and round eyes, it is important to add length to the eyes.

This is achieved by using medium and dark shade eye makeup on the lower lid, a shade darker on the upper lid, and neutral colors below the eye.

Eyeliner can be used to maximize the round eye on the oval face shape in any location – below, top lid, middle, or upper lid below the lashes.


This technique will complement oval features; apply your blush just under the ball {apple} of your cheekbone, directly below the outer part of the eye iris.

Apply by extending in a smooth arc, fading the blush toward the top of your ear.

Celebrity Oval Face Shapes

Oval Cameron DiazCameron Diaz
Oval Elle MacPhersonElle MacPherson
Oval Heather LocklearHeather Locklear
Oval Julia RobertsJulia Roberts
Oval Mariah CareyMariah Carey
Oval Sandra BullockSandra Bullock
Oval Sharon StoneSharon Stone
Oval Tyra BanksTyra Banks
Oval Uma ThurmanUma Thurman

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