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Orlando Bloom Hair

How many men can say their careers have included equal parts elven warrior and pillaging pirate?  Well, one that I can think of – that sexy UK import Orlando Bloom.

orlando bloom hairstylesLike his “Pirates of the Caribbean” co-star Johnny Depp, Orlando is often seen sporting a wide variety of different ‘dos, sometimes including hats and hair accessories that simply would not do on the ‘do of any man who isn’t a drop-dead gorgeous actor.









See photos of this Brit babe in knitted doo-rags, berets, and various other wild incarnations of headgear. This fella can pull off just about anything, from the ever popular faux hawk, to a long, platinum elf ponytail, to a deliberately unkempt, pseudo mullet that spikes out in all directions. 

His natural hair is very curly/wavy, and a deep chestnut color, but we’ve seen it quite long and more golden brown, as well as clean cut and darker. Orlando is most commonly seen with either a long, wavy chin-length style, complete with devilishly trimmed and pointy facial hair, or uber textured and shorter, moving back from the face and occasionally faux hawked. 

If you’re a fan of Will Turner’s longer, Depp-ish ‘do, and your hair has a wave or slight curl to it, you’re in luck!  With just a bit of a medium hold mousse applied to damp locks to keep that texture in line, this style is virtually wash n’ go.  Add a little pomade to define strands and texture once hair is dry. 

orlando bloom mens fowhawk hairstylesIf you’re more interested in borrowing from Orlando’s hipster faux hawk style, be advised that this look does require a bit more styling than it seems.

styleTo get just the right shape, start out with a cut that is shorter on the sides and cut longer on top with lots and lots of texture thrown in. 
styleWork a firm hold styling gel or cream through damp hair and shape. 
styleWhen hair is dry, add a pomade or paste to give definition to the faux hawk.    

Whichever hairdo you do, no Orlando-esque style is complete without the addition of his ever changing facial hair.  Facial hair is a great way to add a dose of masculinity to a boyishly good looking face. 

Brave types can attempt the somewhat tricky moustache-only (keep it clean, folks) or villainous-looking pointy goatee, while the full goatee is a bit easier to pull off.  Keep facial hair trimmed close and the rest of the face smooth and clean shaven. 

Orlando Bloom Hair


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