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Oblong Face Shape ~ Oblong Facial Shape

gwyneth paltrow celebrity oblong face shapeYour oblong facial shape is a natural guideline for finding your perfect hairstyle. Your natural hair coloring and hair texture also play important roles.

The main characteristics of a oblong facial shape Oblong or rectangular face shapes are longer than wide and close to the same width across the forehead, jaw line, and cheekbone.

Your Objective: To create the illusion of having the all-perfect oval, having it appear shorter and broader.

A hair style with bangs will shorten an oval face and add width to cheekbones. Try bangs, as in fringe and just touching the eyebrows.

Your ideal hair length is usually at the neckline with both volume and width present. A fuller cut framing the face that tapers in at the nape of the neck will give the visual of a fuller face.

A natural hair style with a side part is effective for this shape,with the sides softly swept back of the face.

Styles To Avoid

Any style that adds height to the top of your head
Styles on the long side without fullness, this will just drag down your face
Center parts
Hair length that travels well past the shoulders, this is going to take a lot of primping, teasing, setting , and styling to add the desired fullness

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Makeup And Jewelry For The Oblong Face Shape

oblong face shapeIf you are interested in discovering the jewelry and makeup that will bring out your facial features, the main thing that you should consider is the type of face shape that you have. We all have different shaped faces, and choosing the right jewelry and makeup will be dependent upon that face shape.

Here, you will learn about the right types of jewelry and the makeup tricks that are successfully used on individuals that have the oblong face shape. Many individuals who have an oblong face shape refer to the shape as rectangular as well.

The first thing that you should understand when it comes to this type of face shape is that it generally has more length than it does width. There are also many different angles that are involved when it comes to this type of face shape.

You will find that the width of the forehead and the width of the chin are typically the same. When selecting jewelry that is appropriate for this face shape, it is important to select those items that add width all along the face and helps to mask the overall length of the face.

Jewelry items such as chokers that are worn high, long length necklaces, and short dangling earrings will aid in this endeavor.

Makeup For The Oblong Face Shape

When selecting makeup for this facial shape, it is important to know the main areas of the face that should be highlighted. These areas include the area of the temples, the chin, as well as the area right above the cheekbones in the face.

These highlights can be used by a blush that is a shade darker than the foundation that is being used. This can also be achieved by using a liquid base foundation and then using a pressed powder foundation that is a shade darker to actually highlight these particular areas on the face.

This will help in reducing the length of the face and adding more general width.

When choosing blush for this face shape, it is important to consider natural or neutral tones. You want to contour the cheekbones, but you do not want the contour to be harsh or seem “unnatural”.

By doing so, you are actually placing an emphasis on the jaw line, and it may defeat the purpose of making an attempt to widen the face and reduce the length of the face.

Blush should be applied in such a way that it runs more horizontal than it does vertical. Applying blush in a vertical manner can actually increase the overall length that you are trying to reduce.

To make a narrow face appear wider and more proportionate, start applying blush from the outward edges of the face working it inward toward the nose, but stopping at the outer edge of each eyeball.

Using your finger, draw an imaginary line from the outer edge of the eyeball down to the cheek bone.
Do not work the cheek color too far inward, otherwise it will accent the narrowness of the face rather than giving it a more proportionate illusion.

Eye makeup that is applied to the oblong face shape should be based on the eye shape that you have. However, if you are attempting to make the oblong face shape appear wider, it is often best to use eye colors that are dark, or mixed with other colors.

Adding to the width of the eye can help to add to the overall width of the face as well. Implementing the use of eyeliner can prove to be exceptionally beneficial when adding to the width of the eye because it can help maximize the effect of a wider face.

There are many creative ways that face shape can be widened when you have an oblong face shape. The point of the makeup and jewelry that you use should be to reduce the overall length of the face. Once this is accomplished, everything else will naturally fall into place.

Famous Celebrities With Oblong Face Shapes

Ashlee Simpson, Iman, Kirstie Alley, Jade Jagger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, Niki Taylor, Gabrielle Reece, Gwyneth Paltrow, Terri Hatcher

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