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Nicole Ritchies Hairstyle


Reality television star Nicole Ritchie has evolved her hairstyle fashions greatly over the past few years. Gone are the super-long multi-colored hair extensions and rock star styles.












Her hairstyles while still fun; hip and trendy now also can be classified as elegant and stylish.

It seems as if everyone is wearing the super chic Bob hairstyle these days, and Nicole is no exception. This cut suits her face shape beautifully.

Often when Nicole has an event to attend she can be seen sporting various forms of updo’s.

This hairstyle is perfect as it allows Nicole to look graceful while still maintaining a relaxed, youthful feel.

The timeless nape hair twist is a classic look that Nicole puts her own individual twist on to make her hairstyle unique. This look flatters her oval shaped face immensely.

She was pictured recently wearing her hair in this style at a celebrity filled party.

Her hair was gently pulled back, with an elaborate section of locks extending the length of her forehead and draping dramatically across her left brow.

To wear your tresses in a twisted nape hairstyle like Nicole’s

Towel dry damp hair and apply a leave in conditioner combing through your hair with a wide toothed comb. Decide where you want your hair parted- front, side, high or low and create.

Work a dab of mousse through your locks Blow-dry your hair starting at the roots and working through to the ends using a flat paddle brush.

Dividing your hair into sections as you dry. With your fingers, work a dab of pomade through your tresses. Do this before you create a part on the right side that goes from your hairline to about two inches back in the direction of your crown.

You will need to create a horizontal part next that goes across the back of your head behind each of your ears. Divide the parted hair into a front and back section.

Pull your locks into a loose ponytail held by your fingers, not an elastic, with the base resting at the back of your neck.

Grab the length of the ponytail and twist the hair up and over your other hand in a clockwise motion. Loop the ponytail up over the base once or twice to form a gentle twist.

Continuing twisting the ponytail until it forms the desired shape. When it is shaped as you wish, use bobby pins to secure your twist to your head.

The remaining hair should be brushed into a long fringe that frames your brow. A flat iron may be used for a glossy finish. Bobby pins should be used around the side swept front hair to secure your locks to the back of the style.

Mist lightly with spray shine for an extra glossy touch and hairspray for hold. You may also opt to decorate your divine hairdo with hair jewelry for decoration and glamour.

Have Fun Trying Nicole Ritchies Hairstyle

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