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New Straight Black Hair Styles

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View new straight black hairstyles in this slideshow if you want to opt to relax your hair chemically to be able to wear the wear the new styles.

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These chemical relaxers can be made with either lye or no lye and women are given the option of doing their hair at home or visiting a salon.

These hair relaxing chemicals, sodium, lithium or guanidine hydroxide, break the disulfide bonds of the hair strands to straighten the tightly coiled hair.

The downside to chemically straightening your locks is that it does leave the hair delicate and prone to dryness and breakage.

When you have your hair relaxed, it is vital that you condition it on a weekly basis and avoid using heated hair tools such as curling irons and blow dryers as much as possible.

You should never combine a chemical relaxer with a permanent hair dye, nor should you have your hair retreated too often.

Women frequently make the mistake of getting touch ups every four to eight weeks, however, to keep damage to a minimum, touch-ups should only be done every 10 to 12 weeks in the winter and every seven to eight weeks in summertime. This will leave your hair far healthier.

If you would rather not use a chemical to relax your hair, hot combs and curling irons are another option available to straighten Afro-American hair. Keep in mind though that using hot combs and curling irons can still damage your hair and scalp if they are not used properly.

New Straight Black Hair Styles Styling Tips

Hair tools become very hot as do the hair oil and pomade used to straighten the hair. These high temperatures can cause the hair to break and become damaged. Also, if the oil touches the scalp, you can suffer burns or hair loss.

To prevent damaging your hair, the temperature of the hot comb and curling iron should not be too high. If your stylist uses an oven to heat the comb or curling iron ask that she keeps the time in the oven to a minimum and that the tool is allowed to cool slightly before it touches your tresses.

The advantage of using an electric comb is that they typically comb with adjustable heat settings. If your hair is very curly, instead of attempting to go stick straight, which can leave your hair dry, brittle and damaged; you may want to think about relaxing your hair instead. If you opt to relax your locks instead of straightening, you can always use styling tools to achieve the look you desire.

After removing any extensions wait at least a few weeks before you straighten your hair. This is to prevent as much damage as possible. You should also indulge your locks in a few deep-conditioning sessions with a product such as Restorative Hair Treatment by Ojon.

If you straighten your hair yourself, use a gentle product. A large number of straighteners that are made for Afro-American hair are too severe. Make sure that you do no repeat the processing more than once every three months.
Enjoy New Straight Black Hair Styles


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