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New Color And Cut For Teenagers Makeover

teens-hair-color-makeover-after picturesA fresh new color and an innovative cut have gone into completely transforming this young models look.

Before, this teenage girls long, heavy locks were weighing her down. A flirty flip to the ends of her new style, colored a warm, rich brown, lightens her look considerably.

This hairstyle is composed of numerous layers, which add depth, movement and volume. Side swept bangs emphasizes her dark, wide-set eyes.

teens-hair-color-makeover-before picturesThis style is easy to maintain and simply fabulous. It is ideal for a day at the mall with her best friends, a Friday night date, or an evening at the library.

This hairstyle is simple to achieve and fairly low maintenance. The teenage girl can be up and out the door, looking terrific in no time at all.

With a few modifications to suit your own hair type and facial features, this style can be worn by almost anyone. In fact, the teenage girl, who is a Lindsay Lohan fan, modeled her current hairstyle after Lindsay’s.

Although Lindsay’s hair is longer than this young woman’s is, she knew that the style would suit her perfectly.

You too can copy Lindsay’s look and modify it to suit your own needs. With just a few styling tips, you will be mall ready in no time.
Although this style will work on almost any hair type, it does work best on hair that is straight or has a loose natural wave. You will want to visit your salon and ask your stylist for a long layered cut with an off centered part and long side swept bangs.

Styling Steps

style steps Wash your tresses with products designed for your current hair type and condition.
style steps Comb a dollop of mousse through towel dried hair to distribute the product evenly.
style steps Using a soft bristled brush, brush your locks straight while you blow-dry.
style steps Use your brush to lift your locks at the root for volume.
style steps While drying, flip the ends of your hair out gently.
style steps Rub a small amount of pomade in your palms and smooth your hands over your hair. This will provide shine to your style.
style steps Also gently pull your bangs to the side to create the side-sweeping look
style steps Use a large barreled curling iron to curl the ends of your hair outward for a slight flip.
style steps Gently backcomb the hair at your roots just slightly for additional volume
style steps Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.

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New Color And Cut For Teenagers Makeover

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