Myths About Mens Hair Loss

Concerned About Mens Hairr Loss?Countless men are losing their hair. Many men love to have a full head of hair, and some do even as they get older. Even masculine celebrities like Jack Nicholson have dealt with early hair loss and receding hairlines early in life.  

However, some do not. Losing your hair can have a poor effect on your confidence and your self-esteem. There is so much information out there about men’s hair loss it is just downright overwhelming.

Myths About Mens Hair Loss
There are many hair loss myths floating around out there. Some can sound very believable, while others are not quite as believable as others would like them to be.

Here is a list of hair loss myths that will fend off those pesky myth believers. Find out the truth about men’s hair loss and accept what Mother Nature has given (or taken away from) you.

Myths About Mens Hair Loss
Sleeping In The Wrong Position: Some people believe that if you sleep in the wrong position night after night you will lose hair on that side. This is a complete myth

Lack Of Sex: The only thing lack of sex can do is make it so you are not going to have kids, and you could be a little depressed.

Myths About Mens Hair Loss
Wearing Hats: A hat could technically make your hair stop growing, but it would be very uncomfortable. The hat on your head would have to be extremely tight, which could make the hair follicles not able to get the circulation they need.

Just think about how many people who wear hats all of the time (like professional sports players) that would be bald if this myth was true!

Comes From The Mother’s Side: Baldness is genetic, but it is just not limited to your mother’s side of the family. If the hair loss gene is passed down genetically it could come from either side of your family.

Myths About Mens Hair Loss
Using Too Much Hair Product: Sure, hair products can damage your hair, dry it out, and all kinds of other things. The one thing hair products can’t do is make your hair stop growing and fall out. Use all the hair products you want, they will not make your hair fall out.

jack nicholson receding hair lineA Handful Of Hair Loss A Day Is A Sign Of Male Pattern Baldness: It is true that if you do have male pattern baldness you will lose a lot of hair on a daily basis.

However, if you do not have male pattern baldness your daily loss of locks will grow back. Just wait and see if it does grow back. If it does not, then you might have male pattern baldness.

Standing On Your Head Will Make Your Hair Grow: It may sound silly, but some people do believe this myth. Could you imagine how many grown men would be standing on their heads at home and in the office if this were true?

Many people believe this myth because supposedly the blood will go to your head and voila!

Your hair follicles will live again. Sorry, but this just does not work. Hair follicles need more than just blood flow in order to live. You can stop standing on your head now, seriously.

You Shouldn’t’ Comb Your Hair, You Should Brush It: This myth is actually opposite. Combing your hair is better. 


You Should Cut Your Hair So It Will Grow Back Thicker: Hair is thicker the closer it is to your head, so when it grows back it may appear thicker, just like shaving. The truth is that cutting your hair just keeps split ends away. It will still grow back the same. 


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Myths About Mens Hair Loss

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