Mohawks Guys Hairstyles That Get Noticed

Mohawks are guys hairstyles that get noticed and have been around for a large number of years.

Traditionally thought of as hairstyles only worn by rockers, punks or even Goths, they are now making a comeback and more guys than ever are wearing them.

The Mohawk hairstyle for guys allows them such creative freedom. You can play with styling products and hair colors to create the Mohawk that is ideal for you.

A Style That Demands Color

Typically, the Mohawk hairstyle will be dyed very bright, brilliant colors and the center strip of hair will be styled straight up into spikes.

guys mohawk with red blonde black color

This Mohawk Uses Red, Blonde, And Black On The Natural Ash Blonde Tone

Although being experimental with your hair is a large part of the appeal in a Mohawk hairstyle for guys, if you are not sure what to do with your Mohawk, here are a few Mohawk hairstyle tips.

There are a large number of different styles of Mohawks, some of which are associated with different subcultures or that have different motivations behind them.

Mohawk Styles

Liberty Spikes

Liberty Spikes were given their name because they resemble the spikes on the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

guys mohawk with liberty spikes

For this style of Mohawk, the unshaven parts of the hair are shaped into thick spikes that may spread out in all directions or they can point up in the same direction.

They are well liked by those with very long hair because they are durable. Liberty spikes may be fashioned all over the head, and shaved areas of hair are not necessary to create the hairstyle.

The Mollet

The Mollet is another popular type of Mohawk. Mollets are a Mohawk that is worn in the front and then graduates into a mullet in the back.

A conventional Mohawk is composed of a center strip of long hair. Bi-hawks and tri-hawks however contain two and three respectively, and have shaved areas between them.

Bi- and tri-hawks are versatile and can be worn in any style you desire.

Who Wears A Mohawk?

Everbody. The Mohawk is no longer a style of only the punk scene or rock bands. It has moved from the stage to the office and no eyebrows are raised.

asian guys mohawk hairstyle

To Some, A Mohawk With A Suit And Tie May Be Sacrilegious.

To Those, This Is All A Great Mohawk Needs

guys mohawk

guys yellow mohawk hair

A High Maintenance Style

Depending on which style of Mohawk you wear, and the type of hair that you have, the Mohawk can be a high-maintenance hairstyle.

However, as you develop a styling routine for your Mohawk, it should take you less time to achieve daily.

Shaving on a regular basis is apt to be required to maintain the look of your Mohawk and to maintain a clear line between the shaved and long parts of the hair.

guys punk mohawk with line detail

This Punk Mohawk Is Definitely Very Cool And Very High Maintenance. Very.

This can be a somewhat complicated process especially with bi- and tri-hawks.

If the hair is to be worn up in spikes, styling, that may include brushing, back combing, and twisting will be necessary.

Some of the Mohawk styles are difficult to put up, and need strong hold hair gels and sprays.

The amount of time it takes to style your Mohawk will be more time consuming for those who have longer hair or for looks that have even spikes and lines.

Mohawks are defiantly guys hairstyles that get noticed.

Guys Celebrity Mohawks

Through the years, there have even been a number of male celebrities seen sporting a Mohawk hairstyle. One of the most famous of these was Mr. T.

jared leto mohawk hairstyle

Jared Leto's Mohawk In 2010
By 2011 He Was Back To His Long Lengths

mark salling mohawk hairstyle

In 2012 Mark Salling Sported A Mohawk

back view guys mohawk

Back View

guys fake mohawk hairstyle

If Need Be, You Can Always Fake A Mohawk As This Dude. The Muscles You Cannot. Sorry.

More Mohawk Styling

Mohawks Guys Hairstyles That Get Noticed
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 14, 2015

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