Mohawk Hairstyles For Women And Girls

Mohawk hairstyles for women and girls are a brave and bold hairstyle that was once typically worn only by men.

Not any more though; these days, just as many girls are sporting funky, fabulous Mohawk hairstyles.

The Mohawk, also known in some places as the Mohican is a hairstyle where you typically shave either side of the head and leave a strip of longer hair in the middle.

Often, the hair left in the middle will be spiked and colored. As with any good hairstyle, there are many variations to the Mohawk.

The dreadhawk for example, is a Mohawk where the hair is dreadlocked instead of containing upward spikes.

The style of the hair is actually rather diverse and can be worn up like liberty spikes depending on the length of dreads. It can also be braided, or pulled back.

A Mohawk hairstyle for women and girls is about being creative, expressing yourself, and having fun. Some girls love to boost the look of their Mohawks by using hair dyes.

teen girls mohawk colored highlights

Along with the daily styling, maintaining the color of your Mohawk can be somewhat high maintenance.

This is especially true in styles where the color is an essential part of the style. However, the work that goes into styling your Mohawk is worth every second.

girls pink highlighted mohawk

mohawks for girls

The Chelsea Mohawk

The Chelsea-Hawk is the style of Mohawk most often worn by girls. This style is virtually the same as a traditional Mohawk but bangs are left in the front to frame the face.

girls chelsea mohawk hairstyle

How To Style A Mohawk

  • Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition, towel dry
  • Use your fingers to apply a generous amount of strong hold hair gel such as Rene Furterer Anti-Dehydrating Sculpting Gel Strong Hold
  • With a comb or your fingers create your spikes as desired and blow-dry your hair
  • Hold the spiked sections of your Mohawk up with your fingers as you direct the blow dryer towards them
  • When dry, spray a large amount of hairspray, we suggest Jonathan Product Finish Control High Shine Flexible Hairspray to go on your Mohawk.
  • Blow-dry again to dry your hairspray and ensure your style will hold
  • Style your fringe as desired either by blow-drying, curling, sweeping to the side or creating slicked down spikes
  • To create the fan look for your Mohawk, drag your brush lightly through the hair of your Mohawk, spraying and blow drying more as needed

Styling Products

Use a sculpting gel that has strong hold, you can shape your hair as you like and the form will hold. Gels are avaiable that you apply to wet hair, or to dry hair for touch-ups.

Hairspray is usually part of your finishing steps. Again choose a strong hold and spray evenly to dry hair once you have finished styling. For a more defined look, spray section by section.

sonic the voice mohawk hairstyle

A great voice needs great hair, singing star Sonic rocked her way through The Voice with her version of a Mohawk. We loved those rolled forward bangs.

Girls Mohawk Styles Gallery

Pink, Alicia Moore is featured in the hairstyle gallery below with some of the mohawks and faux hawks she enjoys wearing.

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Mohawk Hairstyles For Women And Girls
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 9, 2015

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Mohawk Hairstyles For Women And Girls