Mohawk Hair Updos Create Fantasy Hairstyles

Mohawk hair updos are fantasy hairstyles that are interesting and extreme.

If you love wearing your locks in a bold and interesting hairstyle, Fantasy Mohawks are the perfect choice.

Fantasy Mohawks come in many different looks and virtually anyone who wants to can sport this playful Mohawk style.

side view braided mohawk updo

If your daily life calls for you to be conservative you can wear your hair in the proper style during work hours. However, after dark you can put your locks up and head out on the town for a great time.

If however you can be as daring as you want anytime of the day or night, you can play with interesting colors incorporated into your Fantasy Mohawk.

For those who have to be on the conservative side, wash out colors is a terrific option. Once thought of as only a hairstyle for men, the modern Mohawks of today are often seen on the heads of females everywhere.

Mohawk Hair Updos

A Fantasy Mohawk hairstyle is a great way for you to show off your personality while having fun with your tresses.

As you can see in this picture of Christina Aguilera's elaborate Mohawk, adding braids and or color contrast creates a Mohawk updo style with a lot of impact.

christina aguilera updo mohawk

A hairstyle such as this is sure to turn heads whether you are wearing it with jeans or a prom dress!

See more of these styles in the gallery and the black and white hair color gallery for ideas for artful color combinations.

side view french roll style mohawk


back view french roll style updo

side view high braided mohawk updo

Traditionally, a Mohawk sees the wearer sporting shaved sides on their head. If that is not appealing to you, the good news is that the Fantasy Mohawks of today are not always worn with the sides buzzed.

There are very few styling rules when it comes to a Fantasy Mohawk hairstyle and you can really have fun creating the look that appeals to you the most.

Fantasy Mohawks can be worn by virtually anyone regardless of your hair type and texture.

Women with curly tresses stick straight hair and everything in between can wear a Fantasy Mohawk if they choose. You can also wear the Fantasy Mohawk regardless of the type of haircut that you have.

mohawk hair up style

As long as your locks are at least medium length you can work your tresses into a Fantasy Mohawk hairstyle. Although there are many different ways you can style a Fantasy Mohawk.

back view mohawk hair up style

We have provided basic instructions for one of the most popular methods below.

Learn How To Mohawk Your Hair

  • Shampoo and condition your hair with products designed for your hair type.
  • Work a generous amount of gel through your damp, towel dried tresses.
  • Remove tangles and distribute product through your hair using a wide tooth-comb.
  • While blow-drying, life your locks at the roots in an upward direction.
  • When your hair is dry, apply hair wax throughout your tresses with your fingers.
  • Use a comb to back-comb at the roots for height.
  • Pull the sides of your hair up and secure with clips, pins, or combs.
  • When your hair is in place, use your comb to back-comb for height where needed.
  • Push hair from the back down onto your forehead. Use styling gel or pomade on your ends for texture and using your fingers to place your hair where desired.
  • Spray heavily with hairspray for hold.

As mentioned, this is just a guide for you to follow. Experiment with your Fantasy Hawk and play with product, color and accessories to find exactly the look that you like the most.

high fantasy updo style

The most important part of sporting Mohawk hair updos is to have a good time with your hair and use your imagination.

Mohawk Updo Hairstyles Gallery

This fabulous hairstyle gallery will give you great ideas for creating a Mohawk Updo for your Prom or for a party. A Mohawk can look elegant when styled with French Rolls, curls, and waves. If you are looking for ideas for hairstyle competitions, view the innovative styles that incorporate feathers, braids, and fabric.

More Mohawk Hair Styles

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Mohawk Hair Updos
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 8, 2015

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Mohawk Hair Updos