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Mischa Bartons MakeupMischa Barton always looks elegant and classy when she has a Hollywood event to attend in the evening. A regal, glamorous look like Mischa’s can be yours when you head out after dark thanks to the wonderful cosmetic products from Benefit.

There are times when our eyes do not look awake and alert. You do not want to attend a fancy dinner party looking like you should be heading off to bed. Lemon aid eye concealer is a gentle, yellow correcting cream that eliminates redness and discoloration on your eyelids.

Two dots applied to your eyelid and one in the center of your brow bone blended in an upward and outward motion are all it takes to have eyes as fresh looking as Mischa’s.

Mischa’s eyes are youthful and firm, if however, you need a little help in that area, you can work with ooh la lift from Benefit. Your eyes will appear younger thanks to a blend of botanicals and light reflecting pigments.

Three dots dabbed with the wand under your eye area either under or over your make-up are all that is needed to refresh and provide you eyes with a soothing sensation.

If you want brows that make others sit up and take notice like Mischa’s do, try speed brow 02 by Benefit. Simply sweep this brush on gel along your brow in one stroke and allow it to dry to a matte finish. Your neat and manageable brows will make you stand out in the crowd.

Mischa Bartons Makeup Look

If you want eyes that seem years younger than they are, create an instant lift with high brow from Benefit. Your eyes will look as youthful and refreshed as Mischa’s. After drawing on a thin line directly under your brow, blend lightly allowing some of the linen-pink color to remain.

The powdered eye shadows in a wide range of colors from Benefit will make every wink and blink you make of the evening stand out.

These shades let you create any statement you want from sexy to wide-eyed innocence. Mischa’s beautiful look can be emulated with mr. right now powder eye shadow.

Gilded is a versatile product from Benefit that provides golden highlights for your eyes, or a soft shimmer for your lips. Like Mischa, you can take your look from day to night with this seductive gold stick.

Use this product over eye shadows, as eyeliner and on the brow bone for highlights. You can even apply it before your lip gloss for a golden sheen.

If you’re a busy woman on the go like Mischa, you do not always have time to work on your tan. Georgia’s peach powder will provide your complexion with a sweet, natural looking glow. All that’s needed is a light brushing of powder on your face to create a soft shine.

benefit-moonbeamMischa’s skin is the picture of health, thanks to moon beam by Benefit; you can have a bright, radiant complexion day or night.

To create a radiant gleam for your features, moon beam applied with your fingertips either on top of your make-up or combined with your moisturizer will leave you glowing all night long.

Mischa knows that it is important for celebrities to have beautiful smiles. You too can have a million-dollar mouth thanks to cosmetics from Benefit.

Line your lips with lip sketching pencils for color that lasts all night long. Follow this with a coating of your favorite Benefit lip gloss for a dazzling smile.

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It's All About Having Fun And Feeling Great! We agree that the whole reason behind makeup should be to make us feel good, and when you do feel good, it's beautiful...so go ahead and smile…makeup is finally what it is supposed be.

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Mischa Bartons Makeup Look

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