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Mischa Bartons Hairstyle


Mischa Barton was once a child fashion model before moving on to star in the hit television series The O.C and has now moved on to the life of a young movie star. Through all of these transitions, Mischa has maintained beautiful hairstyles.












On a typical day, whether lunching with her friends or attending parties, or dancing the evening away with pals, Mischa wears her long locks loose and free.

Her hair is a gorgeous medium shade of brown that compliments her wavy locks and facial features beautifully.

She has what could be referred to as beach hair, however her tresses contain none of the frizz that is often accompanied with long afternoons in the sun and hours spent in the ocean. Women all over the globe have discovered the secret of sexy beach hair like Mischa’s.

Salt-water sprays that can be made at home or purchased in a store can give you the afternoon at the beach look that Mischa has so easily perfected.

Mischa, like all other celebrities, has certain formal events that necessitate her presence. Award shows and premiers require Mischa to create elegant hairstyles.

For some of these events, Mischa will wear her locks twisted into a simple updo. However, she tends to prefer a simple, basic ponytail paired with a gorgeous gown for formal occasions.

This allows her to look elegant and graceful yet maintain a youthful edge.

Mischa’s bangs are very versatile; she typically wears them casually brushed to the side, which accents her eyes.

Wearing your locks like Mischa’s could not be easier. Book an appointment with your beautician and ask your stylist for a long, layered cut.

You want the locks to fall just past your shoulders with long, brow brushing bangs. The sides should be shorter with long layers incorporated throughout the back.

Although this hairstyle works best on locks that are straight or contain a loose wave, with simple modifications it can work with almost any hair type.


Mischa Bartons Hairstyle
Styling Steps

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.

Work a golf ball sized dollop of mousse through towel dried tresses.

lf your locks are curly, work a dab of straightening balm through your hair with your fingers.

Detangle and disperse product evenly with a wide toothcomb.

Section your hair and blow dry using a round brush.

When fully dry, turn the ends back with a large barreled curling iron.


This is just a base idea for Mischa’s look. There are so many styling options available with this hairstyle. If time allows you can let your locks dry naturally, you can work with sea salt spray for waves, and you can use a straightening iron for a sleek finish. You can also opt to play with styling irons to turn your ends in any direction you desire.
Have Fun Trying Mischa Bartons Hairstyle!


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