Michelle Pfeiffers Medium Length Hairstyle

Michelle Pfeiffers Medium HairstyleMany times it seems as though when a woman begins to age, she feels it is necessary to crop her locks into a short hairdo. Fortunately, Michelle Pfeiffer is an exception to this unwritten rule.












Actress Michelle Pfeiffer has sported shoulder length to slightly longer tresses for practically her entire extraordinary career in Hollywood. In fact, Michelle always looks so tremendous that it is not a surprise to know that hers is one of the most copied hairstyles among everyday women.

Wherever Michelle Pfeiffer shows up, you can bet that within days women throughout the world will be molding their own locks to emulate Michelle. It does not hurt matters either that Michelle Pfeiffer is very in tune to what styles work the best with her hair type and facial features.

Her looks are always carefully crafted to highlight her assets such as her unusual yet elegantly shaped mouth. Michelle may not be Broadway bound herself but she sure knows a captivating show when she sees one. The premiere of Hairspray in New York was made that much more special by Michelle’s show of support. Michelle is also proof that fine hair is not incapable of looking wonderful with the right styling tools and products.

One thing that Michelle Pfeiffer has learned through the years that is incredibly important information for others with fine locks is that the proper haircut can make a world of difference. Volume is essential when your locks are fine, as fine hair tends to want to droop. Gentle graduated layers like Michelle has through her crown and sides allow this necessary volume to bloom around her face.
Even though you can wear this hairstyle with almost any type of hair, it will style the best on those who have medium to fine tresses. Whether your face shape is oval, oblong, square or heart, in under twenty minutes, you can be walking out your door wearing your locks in the same carefree waves as Michelle Pfeiffer does.

Michelle Pfeiffers Medium Length Hairstyle Styling Steps

Style Hair Steps On freshly washed tresses, use your fingers to work a small amount of hair moisturizer through your hair, paying attention to the middle and end parts. This will help thwart any damage from heat related styling tools.
Style Hair Steps Disperse a dollop of styling mousse evenly throughout your hair with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Comb your hair as desired and then use a comb to create a right part.
For your part, start at the middle of your right eye and bring the comb back being as straight as possible for a perfect part. This is an especially perfect part if you have a face shape that is narrow, as it will offer you the illusion of additional width.
Style Hair Steps With your hair dryer set to low, blow dry until just before your hair is completely dry, scrunching with your fingers to create soft waves. Do not allow to fully dry as you want to offer your locks the ability to be left with some moisture.
Style Hair Steps Use your fingers to gently scrunch a dab of gel throughout your tresses. This will provide a measure of hold to your waves.
Style Hair Steps Mist generously with a lasting hold hairspray.


Michelle Pfeiffers Medium Length Hairstyle

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