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Mens Short Trendy Hairstyles Gallery

Men's Short Styles
Mens hairstyles, the popular choice is short and trendy
and a short hairstyle for a man does not mean boring.

mens neat short fohawkI am sure you will agree after viewing the great styles in the mens hairstyle gallery below.

The celebrity pictures show the trendy styles men are wearing, the twisted quiff, the razor cut, and the short taper.

These days, there are so many wonderful short haircuts for men that are easy to maintain as well as very flattering.

The right cut will compliment both your face shape and hair type. A fabulous short haircut will take you from home to the office and any event you may have with ease.

When deciding on the right short haircut for you, it is important to remember a few things.

First of all, talk openly with your stylist and let them know the kinds of hairstyles that appeal to you. Make sure the hairstyle you choose fits your lifestyle and personality.

One of the most important tips is to remember to ask your stylist to tell you the techniques they used when styling your hair and any products that you may need to maintain your look.

The only hard part about these styles is deciding which one to try, as you can see, the styling instructions for all are easy styling.


mens short razor cut



The Razor Cut

The razor cut hairstyle is both trendy and very easy to maintain. Although this wispy, razored hairstyle will work well on many hair types, it is best for coarse hair.


Easy Styling For A Short Razor Cut

Apply a wax or molding cream to damp hair,

Use your fingers to mess the hair and texture the ends as desired.

mens short taper cut

The Short Taper Cut

The short taper cut hairstyle is a hairstyle that is cut with longer layers on the top. The back and sides of this hairstyle have been sheared into short layers.

If desired you may leave the side burns a touch longer.

This hairstyle suits most hair types, if your hair is thinner, this style will make it appear thicker.

Easy Styling For A Short Taper Cut

Work a molding clay through damp hair.
Use a vent brush to comb your hair upward to create a peak on the top.
This hairstyle should be allowed to dry naturally if possible.

mens short layered hairstyle
Mens Twisted Quiff Hairstyle

A twisted quiff hairstyle is a very casual hairstyle that provides movement and height to your hair.

This is an excellent hairstyle option for men with small, rounder face shapes and works best with straight to slightly wavy hair.

This hair requires a little more maintenance, as regular trims are required to keep up a balanced shape.


Easy Styling For A Short Quiff

Apply a body building hair gel to damp hair.
Use your fingers to pull the hair forward through the top and sides and upward at the front.

To create a peak on the top of your hair, use a molding cream in the same direction.

mens short texturised cut

The Texturised Cut

The texturised cut hairstyle is an amazing cut that is very well suited for longer face shapes and for men with coarse hair.

This hairstyle is cut very choppy and texturised using a razor technique.

This haircut is fairly easy to style as it is meant to be very messy looking.

Easy Styling For A Short Texturized Cut

Apply Grooming Clay to damp hair, rubbing it all over with your fingers.
If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally.



Mens Short Trendy Hairstyles Gallery
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Men's Celebrity Hairstyles

Mens Short Trendy Hairstyles Gallery

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