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Mens Funny Halloween Costumes

Are you a jokester?  Life of the party?  Are you a smooth talker and always a hit with the ladies?  Wanna show some Halloween spirit without looking like you’ve put too much thought into your costume? 

Maybe you are simply looking for something a bit more creative than a sheet thrown over your head with two eye holes cut a la Charlie Brown. 

If so, this Halloween let your inner class clown show his face by donning a funny costume, like the oh so literal Chick Magnet. 

This very silly play on words lets all the girls at your costume party know that you’ve got a sense of humor – and you’re bound to be an original in a sea of pirate costumes this season!

Simplicity can be an awesome way to go.  And because the costume itself consists only of an overgrown stuffed magnet shape with fuzzy yellow stuffed chicks stuck on the metal or "magnetic” end, the rest of your gear is up to you. 

Go casual in your favorite comfy pair of jeans, black t-shirt and flip flops – better yet, find yourself a matching vintage looking "Chick Magnet” t-shirt. 

You can also borrow a little Bond, James Bond style (the ultimate chick magnet, let’s be honest), by wearing your magnet over a suit or tux. 

Funk the suit up with a quirky pair of sneakers – there’s nothing like a pair of brightly colored Converse high-tops with a tux!

If you’re feeling a little more DIY (do-it-yourself) and want to use a little creativity and craftiness, and would like to ensure that you’re sporting a one of a kind costume to boot, start shopping around for those traditional horseshoe shaped magnets (functioning or not – little erasers can be quite effective), and attach them with duct tape or string to regular ol’ street clothes. 

Find some cute little stuffed chicks to stick on, from the top of your head to the tops of your shoes.  You could also just string these items on a long string of elastic and wear your homemade chick magnet around your neck.  It’s a lot more creative than your typical "This is my Halloween costume” t-shirt, and only a bit more effort is required. 

Once you’ve put your ideal costume together, get yourself spruced up and handsome with an impeccably styled ‘do and a couple spritzes of cologne.  Halloween is a night where just about anything could happen, and you never know just who the chicks are that you’ll be attracting while waiting around for the Great Pumpkin!


Mens Funny Halloween Costumes

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