Mens Cosmetics And Makeup

Mens cosmetics and makeup fill the store shelves and are just a click away online. So what is a guy to do until he can go shopping for some of these wonderful products?

So you are in the bathroom and there is that makeup bag just sitting there. You begin to wonder what secrets could possibly be inside of this mysterious makeup bag.

The bag seems to beckon you with the wonders of what is inside. Could there be some secret anti aging cosmetic products in there? How about some products that can help with breakouts and blemishes from acne?

Her Makeup Bag Secrets

And what is in there that can help enhance someone's appearance? So, you take a look in the mirror and see your own face staring back at you.

You may notice some bags under your eyes that make you look tired. As a man, you may wonder how so many women do not seem to have bags under their eyes when it is a natural occurrence.

You may notice a pimple or two that you did not see before. Where did those come from? What about those fine lines around your mouth, on your forehead, or those crows' feet on your eyes?

Suddenly you may find yourself looking back at that makeup bag again wondering if there is something inside there that can help you with these problems.

Mens Cosmetics And Makeup Men's Dos and Don'ts For Stealing Cosmetics From Your Woman

All men have thought about it at one time or another. It is completely natural. The same way a woman wants to look their best so does a man. Some men might just be too embarrassed or ashamed to take a look inside that makeup bag, but most are not.

You can take a look! So, you may not be ready to go to a makeup counter at a store in public and purchase some men's cosmetics for yourself. That is all right. It will or will not come in good time.

You can take some simple steps at home to help yourself out, and get your face looking the best it can.

Mens Cosmetics And Makeup - Toners

Do try an astringent or toner. Most men do not seem to understand the benefits of using an astringent or toner. These products are not just for women.

Men can use them too. Toners and astringents can help your skin prevent breakouts and get rid of that oily skin. So, get out that astringent or toner your woman uses along with some cotton balls.

Put some toner or astringent on a cotton ball and apply it to your forehead, nose and chin. This is where most of men get oily skin and breakouts. Make sure you cleanse your skin before using the toner or astringent.

mens cosmetics and makeup

Using Her Eyeliner

Don't go for your woman's eyeliner. Sure, Johnny Depp might look fantastic in it playing a pirate, but let's face it, you are not a pirate. Depp was doused with eye makeup to create that look, and it just is not for the every day look on a man.

Using Her Moisturizer

Do dip into the moisturizer. Most men assume that they don't need moisturizer, but we all do no matter what our sex is. Your skin is constantly losing moisture.

Apply moisturizer to your face and neck right after you get out of the shower to retain the most moisture you can.

Get it around your eyes as well to get rid of crows' feet, but be careful not to get it in your eyes.

Those wrinkles might work for Clint Eastwood as an actor, but they aren't for you. So, if you are wondering if moisturizer is right for you, well, do you feel lucky?

Don't use your woman's foundation. This is the makeup product that is applied to the face before any other makeup, hence its name.

It is much like making a canvas to help the other makeup stick to the face better and even your woman's complexion.

This is not a product for you. Your woman chooses foundation that suits her skin color that could be one tone off for you.

Plus, it will not look good when your whiskers start to poke out at the end of the day and the foundation begins to flake.

Using Her Concealers

Do try her concealer. This is a very useful product. You can use it to hide those bags under your eyes, and help hide breakouts and blemishes.

Use lightly by dabbing a few dots around the area and then rubbing it in to fit with the rest of your skin. Make sure you blend it in well.

However, if you have a very different skin color than your woman you may want to stay away from her concealer.

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Mens Cosmetics And Makeup
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Updated: March 21, 2015

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