Mens Cologne The Scent Of A Man


Many of you have the same old cologne you have always used, but it may not be the best one for you. Maybe you have never used cologne or want to try something new.

There is a wide assortment to choose from discount and cheap mens cologne to expensive mens cologne with designer names.  

Somewhere amongst all those choices is your best cologne and fragrance. Here are a few simple steps to finding the right scent for you. Having a habit of using the same cologne for years may not be the best option for you.

Mens Cologne The Scent Of A Man ~ Start Choosing Your Own Scent
Have you ever noticed that the same cologne can smell vastly different on other men?
That is due to our bodies’ different chemical make-ups. The cologne’s fragrance will react with our own natural smell to create what others smell on you. It all comes together with your own scent and chemicals and the fragrance itself.

The chemical reactions will create a variation of that same cologne. You may find that your buddy wears the latest Calvin Klein cologne and it smells great, so you try it and end up smelling like you haven’t showered in days.

Mens Cologne The Scent Of A Man
How To Choose Your Own Cologne And Fragrance
Start by visiting your favorite store with a variety of fragrances. Ask for some of those blank cards so you can test out some different scents. Spray the ones you like on a card – not all on the same card. You know what I mean.

Keep your body scent free because if you end up spraying anything on your body or clothing you will end up with various scents on yourself and end up not knowing which one is the best. If a sale person tries to spray you with the latest and greatest cologne, back up and tell them to spray it on a card.

Now that you have several cards with fragrances you like, determine which ones you like the best. Now leave the store for a while to take a break. You might get a headache or feel dizzy from the constant sniffing, and no, you are not getting a flash back.

When you return to the store spray your favorite one on your arm and see how it smells. Now that you have narrowed them down your body won’t be sprayed with a bombardment of scents and you can effectively evaluate which one smells the best on you.

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Many male celebrities now endorse or have their own line of men's cologne and grooming products. David Beckham had great success with his Intimately Beckham For Him Cologne.

It is important for a man to use scent layering as a woman does for perfume. Use one line or scent through all your grooming products. You do not want to use a spicy deodorant scent with a musky cologne. You can also choose unscented for your other products when you wish to wear your cologne.


Mens Cologne The Scent Of A Man ~ Other Options For Applying Scent

If you have sensitive skin you should probably try to spray the cologne on your clothing. Watch out for spray stains, though. Your cologne can stain some clothing. You can also apply a little to your wrists or your pulse areas on your throat.

These are great places. Just do not over do it! Just apply a little dab and you will be fine. Over time you might get used to the smell and think you need more, but you don’t.

Now that you have your scent you are all set!

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Mens Cologne The Scent Of A Man

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Mens Cologne The Scent Of A Man

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